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Comenten please!!


Hector Deluna says:

This is the finest girl on YouTube. Does she have any recent videos

rey allen says:

how its called the second song???

meriah voyles says:


unstopablevip says:

Ai Mami u look so damn fine I just wud love to do so many things with u u
no how to move it nd make someone feel right. HMU sometime

rikasilva1989 says:

I just saw a flick with abella anderson to see if its the same chick…its
not abella has an ass and bigger boobs but this chick is hot:-)

MeLlamoEddie says:

Omg I know this girl! I didn’t know she was hoe lol

shrekstorm300 says:

Whoa great booty and u could really dance reggueton

21mexicanpride says:

i jizzed in my pants

asohappy says:

still sexy

William Dawkins says:

Its Abella Anderson, search for her somewhere…she’s got implants now
unfortunately but she’s still SMOKING hot.

ramonfernandez575 says:

Yes i see it can dance but can it read

carlos zavala says:


H4zZ13L says:

la camara tiene que estar mas abajo pendeja

joe salgado says:

312_469_9738 call me now

lilbillionaire says:

how old is that ass?

John Arturo says:

Omg baby.. Keep Moving thosee Gr… juz wanna Put Mah Dik ^ ya Pu**@

Allan Sanchez says:

Nice 😉

Marco Cirillo says:

Do you want living with me in Miami?

derfdillinger says:

She looks boricua to me. Girl you in nj or Philly holler

a7aaaaa says:

Okay time to go wack off

GreatOne83 says:

I wonder what your parents would think if they saw this…. Lol

francis272009 says:

amazing ……

steve torres says:

If u want a dick come to my house 🙂

caanzaro says:

que buena vieja kabron!!!

mickey14278 says:

Mmm babe u r a modle I love that body

songplayer101 says:

this is really abella anderson before she took boob and ass enhancement..!!
saw it on her blog before..

jackson jones says:

Yea right gain sim weight n get a ass

Marco Cirillo says:

I want married u!!!

dhr2270 says:


pocho31 says:

nooo porke estoy viendo esto antes de dormir!!!

hugo gamez says:

Crazzy but so hot!!!

9139mmmm says:

Good morning my love!

daniel gutierrez says:

I think she’s Mexican

mickey14278 says:

Love that body

AnkerBanker123 says:

If you guys wanna know who she is. Abella Anderson. Look her up


Abella Anderson!!!

carloselpro7 says:

que vieja tan mas buena se parece a la mia!!!

unknwnsoldier1 says:

I’d tear dat up

Gabriel Pacindo says:

Muy rica. I like it

9139mmmm says:

Ur sooooo hot omg!

enrique olvera says:

wowow que linda y sexy estas chula

mickey14278 says:

Mmmm I love ur sexy boddy

Austin Collier says:

What’s your number?

romeoarmy21 says:


Benoit Champeaux says:

I lové sex

junior hernandez says:

my nose is bleeding

Austin Ashburn says:

whats this girls name

Brandon sheakley says:

Love the wii don’t u??

jrsickboy18 says:

Damn gurl!! Kan I have ur number

9139mmmm says:

I watched ur video 4 first time it was best part of my day I wish I had a
girl like that.

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