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4 songs with a lot of energy!!
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Latin Dance Fitness Class 3:

Here are the songs:
La Copa De La Vida – Ricky Martin
Kulikitaca – Batukada Do Rio
Atrevete – DLG
Drop It On Me – Ricky Martin

Thank you Girls for joining me in this video: Satu, Marina, Christina, Alma, Elin, Linnea and Marit!! You did a GREAT job!!

Some parts of the choreographies probably inspired from other videos here on 3 years ago when I made these routines. Would like to add the links if I could find them….please help me if you can:)

Linda Edler, Lycksele, Sweden
[email protected]


Linda Edler says:

I love to read all your comments:)…sometimes you really make me laugh:)
Do u miss that beginners 2 video? Check out my facebook page:

flordeliza yulatic says:

i sweat so fast,..very nice dance! thank you so much for this vidio !

Danny's Workout says:

14 M views, amazing Linda congratulations, does anyone think Linda and I
should do a video together? Let me know… 

Linda Edler says:

Oh my….it’s been a few weeks since last time I checked my youtube
account…Took me almost 1 hour to read all your lovely comments!! Many
thanks everyone:) You can also contact me on my facebook page ZUMBA Linda

Linda Edler says:

Hi guys! Thank you for all your support!! If you want to see pictures from
my life and family here in Sweden you can follow me on

Beetle Blue says:

My favourite I always come back to 😀 thank you

layla almajed says:

thank you for these great videos .. love them; they helped lose weight
but soon after c section can i start doing zumba

thank you so much for your time

alaa al says:

You know, I feel happy and automatically smile when I see your face!
Well, I’ll do this as my cardio workout!
Love from Saudi Arabia ♥

Lina Cardenas says:

I have to tell you, that for you being european, you pass for a good latin:
you definetly have the swing. Good for you. Greetings from Cali, Colombia!!

Nats Advice says:

It couldnt get anymore perfect! Liked that a lot and will sure do try it 😀
Thank you x

Junior Tube says:

Plz the name of all the songs

Büşra Kırlı says:

Latin Dance Fitness, Beginners 1:

Amorry Sarmad says:

شوفوا هاي الرياضة شكد حلوة على الموسيقى 

merlyn beltran says:

Latin Dance Fitness, Beginners 1:

Wanda Ortiz-Thayne says:

Really enjoy doing Zumba to this one. It’s my introduction. I had never
done Zumba before!

magooda soso says:

love it

Kymmy C. says:

YIHAA! WOHOO! Love this teacher make me feel that I’m in her class!! :D

Neris Diaz says:

Latin Dance Fitness, Beginners 1:

Shehi Haruna says:

this amazing video was vry interested thanks to hear from u

IHideYouPeek says:

Why oh why are there soooo many damn ads everywhere

Didu Sharma says:

Can I know the names of the songs on this video?? 

fawzia masri says:

amazing video i want to ask how many duration per day to lose weight

Winkay Sutaron says:

woooow! that’s a lot of sweat… love iiit. the moves are simple even my
grandma could do it.. lol

justlovesong flute says:

Hi Ms linda! I enjoy your video,i lose 2 kilos and it’s an achievement 🙂
almost 1 month i’ve been following those steps in the morning.thank you so
much and to your buddies there!

Hosein Mirshekari says:

Latin Dance Fitness, Beginners 1:

Sintija Eglīte says:

Thanks for tofay`s workout. I`ve been using this video very often! This is
the best. Makes me happy, wild and sexy!

Joyce Pepito says:

I had so much fun doing this dance/workout!! I’m gonna do this again!!

opens altura says:

its my first time to do this and i actually like it thank you and keep
uploading more videos and helping me in get in shape 🙂 

Μαρια Κυριαζη says:

Είναι τέλειο για γυμναστική

الفتى الذهبي says:

الدبى بالخلف راحت وطي هههه بس صراحة حماس

Naomi Hamid says:

You have helped me so much with this video :)

Gill Norton says:

Found this video by chance and really enjoyed it. Its easy to follow and
fun too! Exercise that doesn’t feel like a chore!

tiegan keating says:

Thank u its going to help with my 3 class because I’m teaching zumba

Luis Monrroy says:

Te quiero Luis

Angelica Torregosa says:

What is the title of the music

Shehi Haruna says:

i am so glad to hear from u latin dance was too good

Josette Belda says:
Desiree Lopez says:

I started my zumba. Workout in sept i get compliments everyday from my co
workers and friends i wont stop till i reach my goal

princessfaye Gorospe says:

it was fun doing it . can i ask what time should i dance this at 6pm? and
how often do i need to do it in a day ? please reply linda.^^

margaret mj chin says:

Love your dances. simple and easy we learn. Keep up the good work. Can get
music from you for your beginner 1 n 2 ? Tq

JL dsouza says:

I tried zumba 2 years back! this vedio really helped me learn zumba n has
really put down my weight! ty a lot!! n whst the name of the 2nd song?

Eduardo Saballa says:
anood alhajaji says:
Hermanna Mulder says:

zo,n DVD wil ik kopen, maar waar is dit te koop.

Pongky Castro says:

my mama is doing zumba now 🙂 LOL!!!

laurice Arnoco says:


Nora Eyra says:

I love ur dance!! Hugs from malaysia ♥

Violeta De Koning says:

i love your energy…..

Maitha Alnuaimi says:

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