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Music video by Don Omar performing Danza Kuduro. (C) 2010 Machete Music


Michael Schütz says:

Just watching all Fast and Furious in honor of Paul Walker…. Man that’s
sad when you see him and you know he isn’t on this planet anymore 

Natalie Herondale says:

Listening because of fast and furious… I have no idea what they’re saying

Альби Балан says:

Don Omar – Danza Kuduro ft. Lucenzo
Приятного вечера 😉 

jennifer artino says:

love this song…really wish i understood what they were

Furkan Berna Ercoskun says:

Slow damar kenarda dursun oynat maestro dansa kuduro gelsin dansaaa kuduro

SyosinkakutouDarvish says:

The Fast and The Furious

Ricardo Lopez says:

Best song a Mexican can listen to

Motiztv says:

like si la estas escuchando en el 2015

Anna Espinoza says:

Don Omar – Danza Kuduro ft. Lucenzo:

Juan Ramon says:


Nazenin nazenin says:

££££££ ★☆★

Sandra Maldonado says:

Don Omar – Danza Kuduro ft. Lucenzo:

NightKiller ™ says:

barcos y putas XD XD

KiiD Blu says:

Like if you speak English only and you still listening to this song

Parviz Hamidov says:

All Russian people love english(foreign) songs,but nobody can understand
what the singer sings-_-

Michelle Gant says:

is this consider a Spanish song? Im doing a project and need a Spanish song

Alejandra Castañeda says:

Like si lo estas viendo en 2015

Ryan Veyr says:

how many of you first searched “oy oy oy/oi oi oi” because you didnt know
what the hell was being said in the song when you listen to it? lol

Alex Perez says:

Don Omar – Danza Kuduro ft. Lucenzo:

Yei si 

Claudia solis says:

Don Omar – Danza Kuduro ft. Lucenzo:

Mauricio Romero says:

Lol i find funny how people thing that Don Omar is Mexican but he is from

chavi simeonov says:

Don Omar – Danza Kuduro ft. Lucenzo:

Parody Wala says:

Like If You Still Listen To This Is 2015 :D



aymen.xulo sayayin says:

Emmmm yo soy mismo que genesis cruz
Me gusta un poco el regguedon pero tambien me gusta rappp bueno el video es
una de mis mejores canciones de regguedon 

Rabî Jlassi says:

I don’t understand any word of this song.. But i love it

Shannon Lai says:

Who else is here because of fast and furious? 

Debbie Howard says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

yaneli lanny says:

Don Omar – Danza Kuduro ft. Lucenzo:

RJT FunTimes says:

adoro a música i entender português, mas im do Brasil

Markitos 2015 gomez says:

OSTIA 664.750.047 VISITAS

Yesus Craw says:

Fue un increíble concierto el de Don Omar en Matamoros,Tamaulipas en PLAYA
Costa Azul el día viernes 3 de Abril del 2015 quedara para la historia y
más cantando está canción para todos, y sobre todo gratis!!!!!!!

Dragan Krstic says:

is this consider a Spanish song? Im doing a project and need a Spanish song

Emilio Xcaret ayala gimenez says:

la mano arriba cintura sola la media vuelta Danza Kuduro 

aly basualdo says:


Cris Caldas says:

Aí gata +lu carvalho edita essaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!
Quero verrrrrrrrr!!!! kkkkkkkkkkkk

Jordan Nikkel says:

Question?! Are they speaking Spanish? Cause I thought Don Omar was Puerto

rocio Villordo says:

ese es mi tio aguante mi tio don oma

تركي الجهني says:

What is this language ? ماهي اللغه ؟

Rhutwik Inamdar says:


Mÿž Bàhàmà Màmà says:

Only if I knew what they were singing….this is one dope song

krhisto says:

A quien le gusta esta canción quien quiere platicar con migo estoy

Aymen Ortizz says:

The fuck is he saying?! .. R.I.P Paul Parker 🙁 <3

Shubham K says:

Which is the song that plays in the background at the start of this
video…Anybody knows!?

robby busch says:

this is the only reason why im taking Spanish in college, so i can make
some sick raps!

Christine McKenzie says:

I love this song, just wish I knew what they were saying, Haha

Mackenzie Martin says:

what is the song i heard in a club recently in the DR that starts out “Tiki
tiki taka” and is a fast paced dance type song?

Chilly Ruiz says:

Shout out to Paul for making fast and furious

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