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AlexiaJobs - Dansatore in Anglia says:
TheNeonRabbit says:

why is this not an Olympic event, when bowling is?
Seriously, which is the greater demonstration of fitness and skill?
Which would the ancient Greeks feel was more in keeping with their intent
when starting the games, the celebration of the human form and
demonstration of athletic prowess?

Natalie65O says:

imagine her on her period…. that shit must suck having to keep them legs

Hailey Bond says:

Great dancing (not amazing but still great), but terrible filming

hope roks says:

Woah!! The strength you’d have to have too do that! yourre amazing. 

mirandaforlife 101 says:

….. I cant even do a cartwheel -.-

Caitlin Tizzard says:

She is really good

Настя Романцова says:

Девочка танцует очень круто. А вот “оператору” нужно дать по рукам! Нельзя
так издеваться над людьми… Я же танец хочу посмотреть…

Queen of Oceans says:

she is talented :o

Murali Kurapati says:

you have amazing skills, you are the best pole dancer

GirlGamer TT says:

im buying s pole

Monika Wozniak says:

Best pole dancer 2014?!! Oh please!!! Seen 1000 times better…

Lorena Villarreal Chávez says:

Me gustó el balance entre movimientos de piso y movimientos en el tubo de
nivel muy avanzado. Also loved the song, perfect choice. :-)

Kim Smith says:

WOW!!! I can’t wear wedges & you’re wearing Lady Gaga shoes but I think you
need to tape it with a woman once so we see all of you lol. Keep it up it
was AMAZING. ? though how do you spin up the pole?

구본수 says:

I find it
shine bright like a diamond
thank you

jack smith says:

That was pretty cool….

Michelle Saunders says:


T. F. XianXiu Chen says:

you are amazing!!!

cmbl says:

It could be art but unfortunately.. Nothing special



tonyinfinity says:

Barefoot is hotter!

구본수 says:

What is the music ?
I can’t find the music
please tell me that music’e name

Alberto Mebarak says:

cute angel :3

buckinme says:

This is why men have trouble dating. 

Hearthorne Rucker says:

So nice

ΜεΛέ Σ. says:


Matthew Ong says:

sexy, beautiful, and awesome! So talented.

shelby whaley says:

I’ve seen better

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