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The Final of the 2013 WDSF World DanceSport Championship Youth Latin in full length. Six couples contesting the world title at the Shuangliu Sports Centre in Chengdu, CHN.


Lee Eric says:

World Dance Sports Championship 2013..
Live at Chengdu. China.. CNN..

8 pairs of competitors from 7 countries: Russia, Canada, Israel etc..

World Youth Latin. 2013.
The Final Reel..

Vivian Greene says:

What fun. I pretended I was a judge – and I chose 3 of the winners!

MindAndLife says:

What is the name of the song in 8:11 min. ?

Yukun Liu says:


Irén Írisz Kun says:

2013 World Youth Latin | The Final Reel:

Angelica Castaneda says:

Wow beautifullly done russia!!! Does anyone know the name of the songs on
0:22 and 1:42? Loved the music and outfits. 

Yani Singer says:

And I can even walk in a straight line in 2in heels…

anonymous anonymous says:

Is it world championship or in-Russia? Russian dancers in most of pairs,
russian music mixes… It seems like “only for russians” sport

Lucas Trommer says:

Pleas the Name of the song 4:39 (ISRAEL)

Avo Guedekelian says:

0:50 Those turns !!! like WHATTT?

Brian Gonzalez says:

I loved the 1st ones


love s must the first couple~~nikita darriaaa <3

Kelton Souza says:
Luiz Canestraro says:

Show de Alta Qualidade.

Марсель Муллануров says:

Russia at the first and second place! It makes me really happy, thanks to
all dancers for such beautiful performance!

Joe Kaiga says:

Could somebody please tell me the name of the jive dance song?

Abbi Xoxoxoxo says:

Samba songs?

יאיר משה says:
Happy Time - Výtvarné Studio, Foto, Divadlo says:

Latina je krásná. U nás ji můžete tančit i nepárově. :-)

Luiz Canestraro says:
李佳 says:


Valter Marausdeoliveira says:

That´s not samba !!!gypsy song samba is from Brasil that is clearly

James Briggs says:

Not my cup of tea but they are awesome.

Mark Beumer says:

Where can I find the song chique chique boom?

Олег Коронный says:
Jack Ntlhamu says:

The canadians’ solo samba song please :)

wladimir nikanov says:
Sara Anderson says:

Salsa is not a latin dance

Serena Lau says:


MsPowerGirl1 says:

What the intro music called? at 0:04

lA Fa says:

It was amazing. But I wish if the girls wore something more covering like
shorts not bikini! I get disgusted when ever I see asses! I love Latin
dance but I hate stripping!

Becky Fox says:

What’s the first song pleaseeee I do ballroom Latin and I would love this
music x

Naze Jul says:

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!Awesome performances..Thumbsup!!!!

Jay Igaboo says:

I did ballroom and Latin for years but never remotely to this standard,
Being male, I tended to watch the male performance more when “judging”
the dance, as one can learn and compare that way.
I danced to enjoy expressing myself to the music, and I thought that the
great emphasis on the man just being the “frame” for the “picture” of the
woman was confining Years ago a female instructor once, well many times,
complained that there was a growing tendency among judges to allow for the
man to be more flamboyant, and she utterly hated it. I thought it was the
usual case of “woman must be the centre of attention at all times, in all
of life”
Now, looking at these world-class male dancers, I see her point.
It detracts from the dance. It’s about showing off the woman.

Lussy Cozzolino says:


Jake DeWolfe says:

From the 2013 World Youth Latin in Chengdu, CHN … The Finalisima!

Barbara Sigurdson says:


SueThin Chong says:

#38 Canadians not bad, they could get 3rd place!!
#21 Russians dance harmoniously.. Such a beautiful~

Naze Jul says:

Couple # 21 very energetic.:)

Sara Anderson says:

21 love

GunzGot5 says:

This is my first time ever watching one of these latin dances and i can
tell 21 was going to win easily. Pretty cool i could recognize the best
dancers out of all the chaos and not even understanding just watching the
perfection in there routines.

Veronika Terrero says:

21 THE BEST !!! :3

Scarlett ZY says:

what is the song at 12:30?

fidelity776 says:

My favorite was the blonde girl, seems having the most character. Though
I’m only an amateur in ballroom latin.

Ngọc Thơ says:

Tuyệt Vời

Steve Parado says:

Well done Canada.

George Mita says:

Bravo Romania!

Svejser UA says:

Красавцы ну ваще !!!

Emma Sivá says:

The most songs play in our dance school. But they are perfect!

Дина Сааде says:

Whats the song at 5:50?

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