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YASS!! The Official Music Video For The Anthem ” Yike Stand” Is Now Out !! Watch It Here :
She Challenged me… and Things got crazy!! Subscribe !!

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IG: PricelessDaROCForever


jacqulyn gaines says:

Damn priceless that face was priceless but u killed that shit <3

jazzy boo says:

Damn…priceless da roc won

Laurahhboo says:

dayuummm butterr faceee..

Reggie Cortez says:

Priceless was killin it that shit : )

Roslyn Sanches says:



Kristen says:

Priceless faces kill me, but he won for sure . 

Terrance Howard says:

Priceless killed it, & that girl ass tho!!!

sexyj4819 says:

Priceless face= priceless not to mention his soldier was saluting so i
think the girl won

YaNg TrEnDz says:

damnnnn bruh she had ass i would lowkey follow her to back of the stage and
tear it up …u killed it bruh

Brooklyn Gibson says:


alicia mone says:

Woah there get it priceless

Sierra Holland says:

Is it possible for a girl with a small ass do that or nah?

Angel Law says:

Lmaoo Priceless Wanted to Fuckk Her Yoo

Serena McFarland says:

Dang he had a boner at the end! She killed it but priceless stroke game too

Cathy Madrigal says:

Why is she acting like she has any self respect trying to pull her shorts
down after being up on stage grinding on some random guy she doesn’t
know… #thotnation

Azzaria Grant says:

The girl killed it
I say pricelessdaroc won
Yes bae
#stroke game ro serious

Eiraa ThaRuler says:

Yall was getting it & duhh Bonez & sauce in the back Ctfu ! Was that

CardFight TV says:

How you learn to stroke like that? I wanna learn fr

nahum asres says:

Looked like he was bustin a nut at the end

Toni Dalton says:

Look at c2saucy and bonez in the back lol

lilly tackie says:

Chonkie was raising his hand tho

Mike Mora says:

i like girls with a fat ass and fat legs, like that girl, but his too
shorts for her jajaja

Quan Johnson says:

Oh lord yasss

Andrew Grayson says:

uggghh says:

Damn, cloths burning much! Lolz.

rob cas says:


Diamon Price says:

Well damnnn

Eiraa ThaRuler says:

Yall was getting it & duhh Bonez & sauce in the back Ctfu ! Was that

Nolove Solo says:

He is the one with ass love it

Barack O Nasty says:

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