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How to dance salsa. In this how to dance salsa lesson video, we teach you how to dance salsa the famous dps lock salsa dance combination dance move but on the New York / Puerto Rican “On2” salsa timing. Jocelyn Rosero explains some of the salsa dance styling steps that the ladies can perform even when they have both arms locked. As always , all of our salsa dance lesson videos are found at


demigodlike says:

Would like to know the artist/song title of this track. Pls..anyone?

daneezie says:

great! really like that you address the woman’s perspective and the styling
– it’s super helpful!

Allan Curup says:


Fernandez218 says:

@apersaud Julie should’ve brought her family along for a group video — you
could’ve taught them all!

CorruptedSeducer says:

This DPS move is awesome but it’s hard to do if a girl’s big gut or has
small arms.

Mil Lobos says:

IS great to have the ladies styling!! IS really helpfull =)

Addicted2Salsa says:

@Fernandez218 Julie’s family was in town when we needed to film. Jocelyn
stepped in to help 🙂

Fernandez218 says:

ooo… Julie, then Jocelyn. spicing it up i see :)) thanks for the vid!!

FIL9DSRC says:

You need put some pictures on the wall))) its looks empty

Fernandez218 says:

this is obviously my opinion: i think Julie moves her body a bit better
based on the first few seconds of this vid.

DragonXII says:

Please do more On2. Thank you!

Arvind Dwarakanath says:

Hi anthony,im a fan of ur lessons.thank you. pls tell me the name of this

auctomasprime says:

@apersaud,name of song please. i like how you always get to use songs with
slick choruses!!! love this combo.

abel coreas says:

para centirle sabor a la salsa tienes que bailarla.suelto d tu pareja…

yeknom1927 says:

isn’t this the same thing as the Straight Jacket salsa move?

damjen666 says:

Fantastic as always! 🙂

Gustavo Moreno says:

can u tell me the name of the song!!

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