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She is Verina, my fav belly dancer!
The song is “The Lantern” by Beats Antique.
You can send messages or subscribe to her YouTube channel:
Here you can see her new videos! It’s wonderful!


Namoritária Fernandes says:

Liinda dança muiito 

Abz MZ says:

This is the video that made me fall in love with tribal. Verrina inspired
me. =*)

Renesmae111 says:

@mariekitu your saying I’m wrong?

Renesmae111 says:

This is said by a belly dancer herself for 6 years and OMG your isolations
and lock and pops are AMAZING!!!

Rafiki01 says:

do i need to wear special clothing?

Love ATL says:

Love her dance moves. Perfect! Wonderful!

Jacob Brett says:

O.M.G. She is AWESOME!!! 😀 :O

Darla Tiesing Cox says:

I am speechless!!! (and that is a rarity 😉 Flawless routine!!!!
Beautiful!!! So beautiful I literally have tears welled up some in my eyes
some…I am soo very passionate about dance and where it takes my mind,
body and soul. She has such a way of speaking for those of us who love it
the same….she speaks loudly with no words. I am floored by her amazing
talent! Thank you so much for sharing!!!! Darla Tiesing Cox
(Burlesque/Caberet Performer & Fire Dancer).

Sasquatch Alleged says:

Very Kool

Promthanius says:

Dude, I thought I was the only one who danced in that kind of hat! Awesome!

paloma says:

bailas increible me encanta tu estilo…

tursiops25 says:

I’ve seen so many gothic fusion videos but OMFG!!! You are amazing!!

NymphetamiineGirl says:

@MrBidech thank you (:

Abz MZ says:

After all these years, I still come back to this video… the very first
tribal video I ever saw. :*) I fell in love with the dance because of this,
this right here!! -3

ravenomus says:

@wingedtemple You are awesome I wish I could learn from you

mariekitu says:

@Renesmae111 Well it seems 6 years of bellydance isn’t enough of a
requirement to be a good judge then….. =]

Airini13 says:

Ariellah style and music?

HomicidalNnyKip says:

wicked cool. i wish i could get a hold of an outfit like that.

anni marie says:

omg i love it she is hot

mariekitu says:

I only liked the end. But the end was surprisingly good comared to the
rest. Maybe it’s just this dancing style that doesn’t suit you :] I think
you need to breathe and relax when you’re dancing. To not try too hard. And
to maybe do some other types of dances, will help you enrich your
bellydance vocabulary and style easily and make it more… smooth and
effortless :]

SpitefulSiren says:

We need more dancers like you out there! I really feel this..

Abz MZ says:

she looks like zoe jakes

nellzia14336 says:

she is good

UnableToFly says:

I can found no words to say how amazing it is… I love this girl!

cinu916 says:

It’s very very beautiful dance and music! I love it! Congratulations!!!!

mariekitu says:

@ARavenDances Watching it again I’m thinking it’s quite nice. Problem I
suppose is when you watch too many v. good dancers on Youtube, or when you
are yourself in a period of inspiration, your eye sharpens a bit too much
and you become too critical. I mean maybe you could be sharper than she is,
but she’s already very good, especially given how wide her moves are. The
bigger the moves, the sloppier they’ll be. : )

Rafiki01 says:

just dance everyday and watch vids of your favorite dancer…you’ll develop
musicality eventually depending on how much you practice.

Rafael .. says:

ela é linda e dança muito…amei!!!

Nicole Raven says:

@mariekitu This vid was from over 4 years ago. I know that she has only
improved with time and continues to dance beautifully. This is one of my
favorite performances she has ever done. I was sitting in the third row
that night. It was an amazing performance (the very beginning is actually
cut out, unfortunately). And you’re right, the blurry camera doesn’t help,
there was a lot of purple going on in the costume.

missdenyss1 says:


Sarah Jane Gokool says:

she’s superb…i wish i cud dance like her…

Rafiki01 says:

ok 🙂

QBegay94 says:

5 Stars!

Marlies E says:


mariekitu says:

@tubechiq88 HAHAHA !!! ….. Nice one ^ ^

suzysuzysuz says:

I think I’m inlove

Poi Lethe says:

Jeeze… im enthralled by the grace and the smoothness of movement… @[email protected]
And i knoooow this will sounds creeperish but in the purest, nonslimey way
i feel seduced and turned on. -shakes head- Its so lovely and fluid… i
wish i could translate that into drawing but i dont think i could. -repeats
and simply watches in admiration-

1400deadwood says:

Great performance – I loved the crowd’s incredible enthusiasm for her work.

DakotaJanes says:


NymphetamiineGirl says:

what is the name of song?

wingedtemple says:

haha My named is spelled withe 2 R’s but its cool. I like this better

Rafiki01 says:

i should do a vid like this but idk if boys can be accepted doing that but
i dont care…:)

mariekitu says:

@Renesmae111 Lol, well, she’s is flexible and she does have some talent,
just her moves are not sharp and restricted enough to me. And though the
style is meant to be cutting-edge and that, some things about her costume
and dancing are a bit ‘dispersed’ to me. Maybe she should’ve added some
striking bits of colour to that outfit too, cause the whole thing was a bit
boring… And come to think of it, the blurry, remote fliming may not have
done her justice either… Anyway ^ ^

Renesmae111 says:

@Renesmae111 although I am not nearly as good as she is.

The Grimalkin says:

Omg, she’s the best!! She has better choreography than Rachel Brice! If
only she can move her stomache insanely like Brice, then she’d be better. XD

Toria McGrot says:

Do iiiiit!

MrBidech says:

The song is The Lantern by Beats Antique

akary17 says:

baila muy bien… felicidades

Renesmae111 says:

@mariekitu her head does seem to be moving a lot… ok I can kinda see your

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