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Lez Lover says:

Her voice make me wanna fuck my self 

TheLionManOnline says:

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hazufazu says:

PLease make a niqab video with this scarf :)

Jhon Andson says:

nice such,
I likes much
may anybody give, send me such as much better please!!
I thanking many times

INumba1Stunna says:

Fun fact: Me and Jahlila are getting married :o

Bob Guy says:

+CokeGirlx I followed you on google plus, add me to private?

almer zacarias says:

i like it pls add me i want to see more

fodil jamal says:

is their a site were i can see them naked or in a thong or a bikiny? please
tell me

ukasha Awan says:

Add me please

Ali Salem says:

I followed you on Google plus add me to private

Omar Rajab says:

so sexy and hot I would like bite ur but ad bite ur tits

Ali Basha says:

A jahlila private video will be the best she’s so hot 

The Drave says:


ali abuganem says:

اول تعليق ي حلووووووووووووو says:

Hot hot hot!

djoudi yassine says:

sexy ass

Msris 123124 says:

Hijabi Girl Twerking & Dancing!! (Sexy Arab/Algerian Twerk) *NEW* |

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