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Release on: May 01, 2009
Genre: Drama
Star Cast (Actor): Makrand Anaspure , Sayaji Shinde , Nagesh Bhosle
Description: This village politics-inspired comedy takes a dig at corrupt politicians and the electoral system in the country. A quaint village, Kolsewadi, has never made any progress thanks to the ever-fighting MLA and Sarpanch, who simply cannot agree to a single agenda. Taking advantage of this, a villager manages to coax people into voting for him instead of the other bickering two.
Duration: 1 hr 57 mins
Zee Talkies Production


vishal patil says:

plz upload punha gondhal punha mujra

Siddhesh Pednekar says:

Dude please upload punha gondhal punha mujra.

Ashish Kamble says:

एकदम झक्कास!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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