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Safinaz is an Armenian belly dancer. She started as a ballet dancer, then moved towards oriental belly dancing due to her love of Arab music. She appeared in many music videos made by the satellite channel “Dalaa’.” Safinaz’s breakthrough came with her performance in the film “Al Qashash” (The Sweeper), which was released theatrically in 2013.
Born on: 25 August 1976
Nationality: Armenian

You may not have heard of her before, but Egyptian belly dancer Safinaz is making waves in the Arab entertainment world even as we speak.

The dancer’s five-minute choreography scene in the recent movie “El Kashash” received a surprisingly large number of YouTube views, along with major heat from some quarters.

Safinaz, who is of Armenian origin, was attacked for her “inappropriate” dance moves, which the “Egyptian community rejects.”

You ain’t seen nothing!

But Safinaz seems to have found this accusation lame, refusing to accept branding her dance scene “provocative,” stating that she didn’t even put on a belly dancing costume for the role, but stuck to a traditional Egyptian dress instead. It’s not about the outfit, Safz!

According to Elaph news, the dancing actress said that she never expected her small scene would cause this much commotion, but she’ll take the publicity and attention it brings her way anyway!

First impressions?

She added that despite this not being the first Egyptian film she’s ever starred in, it feels as though Arab audiences have made their acquaintance with her properly through “El Kashash.”

Safinaz took the opportunity to show her true class by declaring the late Egyptian legend Soad Hosny her belly dancing inspiration, and stressed that she’s confident in her talent and doesn’t try to compete with the likes of ‘popular’ dancers like Dina or Fifi Abdo.

As for Safinaz’s future prospects, the rising star said that she’s received numerous job offers following her appearance in “El Kashash,” and that she’s currently preparing to star in a new film brought to us by “Dollar Film” productions.

What about her love life? Safinaz said that she’s currently single, but dreams of being with an Egyptian man who respects her career and has all the characteristics of Egyptian actor Ahmed Ezz. We hope he’s reading, and bet he’s dreaming of you too…


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