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Two girls sexy dancin

Duas lésbicas dançando sensualmente lap dance
Creditos do Autor

Artist: Rihanna
Song: Skin



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Jelena Jankovic says:

oh you have a better resolution for this vid?
damn..they’re hot..

Stephanie Catalano says:

This makes me wanna go see my girl!

claresa richmond says:

reech Oliveira u sexy as fuck
I want to fuck you and want one of those lap dances

jose olivavares says:

So hot I want a lap dance like that

ManGR says:

are you lesbian?

Morgan Banks says:

Name of tha song please ?

Okami Kuma. says:

I’m forever alone…

Gabriele Delalana says:

Can anyone tell me the music video name please

Michael Butler says:

Reeh Oliveira you’re so sexy

Luanna Martins says:

Hummm Top

Jamie Mena says:

Man this wanna make me go back to America to see my girl

zombielord102 says:

Omgggg that’s fucking sexy…. I just got a lady boner

Anna Bradley says:

girls are so hot, especially when they do this..

Duda Storch says:


Michael Butler says:

these girls are so sexy and can really put on a show, I love them and i
hope another seductive video like this one comes out soon, I wish I knew
there names

Ben Edwards says:

So fucking hot it gives me a bonner anyone have sex 

Adam Mejia says:

NIGGA GOT A Girl But You Watching Other Girls . .-. wow

igot wallbang says:

my dick is asf from watching this

jose olivavares says:

You want dance for me like that Reeh oliveira

Marquis Gerald says:

what are their names

Stephanie Diaz says:


Garrett Allen says:

So hot I want to fuck

Nicki B says:

I want lap dance

Deborah Beasly says:


Megan Liles says:

Waw there hot

Samantha Armstrong says:

Holy shit.

codi maring says:

So hot

Emm Violette TV says:


Garrett Allen says:

Soooo hot

Margaret Thatcher says:

the song is also hot..what is the title of this song?

Stephanie Bell says:


Zona X says:

lap sex

Margaret Thatcher says:

they seems so real..& hot..

tyrese nichols says:
jose olivavares says:

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