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Dayse Duarte says:

n tenho namorado p fazer isso :c 

victor frança Bernt says:

Veronica i from brazil
I Like You …

Selena Pedroza says:

Holy fck thst boy finee as fck ..

Shareen Abdul Ghani says:

I want one of those to have sexy ass to my personal lap dance and have her
naked so I can have sex 

Revelline Moura says:

Qual o nome dessa música? Preciso baixar ela *-*

Cachet Kirby says:

you are too stiff, and need to do more besides twerk a lil bit. Props

the white fox says:

I wonder how it feels

Indira Brijlall says:

Da bitch isn’t doing nothing..

EG- YAHIKO says:

Nossa Que Dlç de Lap Dance.. Exita :3

Emily Paula says:

Sabe, dançar não

Jerkyra Smith says:

Kik meh// lah_sassy_1223 anyone 

A Unique Doll says:

I believe this is a very good lap dance. The make seemed to be enjoying
himself, and that’s all that matters with a lap dance.

Rodrigo Nunes says:


Rebecca Veras says:

For me.. This is the best lap dance

Thalia Silveira says:

Body party , ciara

zagg madtv says:


Anonima? Yes! says:

acho esse video uma dlc :3 sempre me masturbo vendo ele o garoto é muito
gato delicinha fico me imaginando no lugar dela

Rene Benjamin says:

That looks like some girl i know named lexi

Avery Heavy says:

That ass

Isamara Duarte says:


Ƶɛℓ∂αИιиʝαĦɛαят❤ says:

It wasn’t bad, it was ok, ive seem worse 

Luana Maria says:


Gabrielly Navas says:

What’s the song???

Patrick Ferreira says:

qual o nome dessa musica 

asia weber says:

whats the boys name 

Sativa Bud says:

I think that was pretty sexy lbsss .

Dayla_dopeshid says:

This wasnt even that bad I seen worse but I can do it better oh and that
boi tho is too fine

Biia de Oliveira says:

Ameeeeei perfect <3

Cynthia Ramos says:

the guy seemed like he wanted more…

Veronica Pelipos says:

MCBuilderNation Austin says:

big butt


can you gave me a lap dance

Bethany Dietrich says:

He kinda looks bored.
But It ain’t that bad. 

MCBuilderNation Austin says:

you lucky

TheNimmirza says:


Rafaela Barbosa says:

What’s the song?

annie barnes says:

Better than me

Osvaldo Hernandez says:

subscribe to me for more videos

TheWizwix says:

hot body 😀

ChEeSeCaKe760 says:

Not really the worst lol

Larriz Laura says:

Ahaha kinnda bad but not badd

Joshua Linton says:

Put that ass on me baby

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