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Alex Shchukin VS Michelle Shimmy 2014


Lunis Surati says:

The guy does the best acrobatic skills. She has the best body pose,
movement and harmony with the song. She has the best flexibility and he has
originality. Both would be even better together, because one completes the

migselv16896 says:

the girl is just looking like a slut doing this, while the guy shows
strengh and acrobatic skills beyond anything 

ArT3D7 says:

Song name .. and I know it’s not Darude Sandstorm 

pikakiko says:

guys make everything badass and girls make everything sexual… im sure
theres another way to show pole dancing in a different light. just
wondering. another thought, guys and girls say guys think sexualy more than
women yet women impose sexuality more than men. wtf. hahaha

Helina Rammul says:

I really wanna know this song name:D :D

Şafak Wrangler says:

She is more better on this song.. That guy don’t get the ryhtm this song.

gio jomardidze says:

man is better in everything 😀
he`s doing it like a sport
she`s doing it like a slut :D

OneMileyCyrusFanVlog says:

For those saying that the girl looks “slutty”, well guess what ? It’s a
POLE DANCE video !

Annapacha Clarke says:

For Gods sake peeps…do you really believe they were trying to prove who
is best! Just to say that these two are probably in the top ten of world
pole performers. They are different but equally brilliant and both
obviously love performing. Just enjoy watching them anyway!

Jesse Batista says:

hum… both really good…. the girl made it flow really nicely… then man
did some hard moves

both were great. i say its a tie…

in terms of who was hotter, def the girl… and im more attracted to men
than woman so im not biased in what i just said

ellika says:

Everybody seems to have voted for the guy, but seriously she and her moves
look way more harmonic…

Georgia Andrea says:

Wish I could be as acrobatic as they are.

Psychdancer says:

Both these dancers here are professionals and they both have different
styles. For those of you who think she’s a slut you obviously need to get
your head out of your ass. Pole dance is very popular in the fitness world
now. Try to do any of the moves she is doing. They are just as hard as the
guy. The lady here is also one of the best pole performers in the world.
Look her up. Michelle Shimmy. She could kick all your asses. 

corrinne brownhill says:

They were both the same in different ways, although I wished they shown
more of her on the pole and not so much of her flicking her hair and floor
work, ( I don’t have a problem with flicking and floor work, but just
wanted to see more pole work) she was elegant and graceful and he was more
acrobatic, but I’m sure she could do most of the tricks he was doing. But
it was great to see both sides of the pole dance being used and promoting
men on the pole… I know there are a lot of men in the pole community, but
it’s nice to show the general public to get men involved and show them that
it can be acrobatic etc. Anyway just my view, loved the video, loved them

kourkoumbini says:

the pole dance is for women…the only way that is for men ist only at
stripts clubs….we are men…omg dont dance on pole…just spank stripers
ass….bro be a man….!!!

AndyFreak123 says:

The pole the girl danced on, Id smell it cause her asshole touched that
pole. so her farts would have been concealed on tht metal to give that
pungent smell which turns me on.
Id even let her fart on my face. she is that hot.

Madara Uchiha says:

I will shoot myself with gun than do this kind of job.

Neji Hyuuga says:

the guy won because he mostly did it on the pole not on the floor


The guy is more acrobatic while the girl is more sensual and harmonic. I
feel like you can’t compare two different types.

Leo Dattadeen says:

the guy totally won, when he walked in the air it slayed my life it was
over. He also used the pole the entire time

Lucifer Your Lord says:

Great performance from both of you. Only thing what spoils this video is
the crappy cinematography and the horrible editing.

MsDmacD says:

When she is actually on the pole you can see just how skilled she is, but
it gets spoiled by all the hair tossing and rolling around on the floor
like a 2$ lap dancer. The guy was amazing!

Jorge Daniel says:

Even when she is a “professional dancer” she dances to look pretty, the guy
just shows off his skills… Differences betewen the two sexes

carcotasu081 says:

The chick half the time is on the floor. The guy wins

Dhruv Paul says:


MonikadeVilette says:

Great job to both, but I think I prefer Alex due to more technique rather
than hair whipping! (Although I applaud both of you, I know how much
strength it takes to pole dance!)

catherine weiss says:

women look sexy and great on the pole were as men look weird and not good
there stronger obviously but boys leave this one to use we got you.

JessifurC says:

Bottom line:
Alex wins. For spending more time on the pole.

This is pole dancing after all, right? Not floor dancing. :)


I was expecting a funny video where the guy was failing miserably.

HEAVY says:

Sunny Romantic Days (Scalp ft. Apache Remix)

Kaiser Khan says:

the guy got moves but the girl got boobs.. so she wins .. :P

Ruslan Ozerin says:

Michelle was so sensual, Alex did it more like sports. But both were
AMAZING. Professionals make it look so easy

James H says:

brazzer is going to turn this into porno

KondaBB says:

Which one is man, which is woman, cant recognize, both don’t have tits?

Mihael Terziev says:

The dude is good but the woman is better. nothing can beat a woman on a
pole… nothing !

民主 says:

女生動作比較柔軟~ 難看男生不會覺得是在看鋼管 而是體操@@”

Mon Cheri says:

Okay I have one issue here.. She’s dancing in heels and he’s not. Like some
of shit he’s doing would be completely impossible for her to do in heels.
This isn’t exactly fair.

Jean Tourloupe says:

My brain says tie but my penis says the woman :/

Jaegerjaquez says:

ive watched only the guys, and im a dude.

Khaled Al-Khoja says:

I’m straight , so yeah woman

Tim Raack says:

im Dubstep and im offended 

SyCHoTix227 says:

I could totally do that… Here, hold my beer.

KC Liston says:

the guy won… no homo

derya deniz says:

where can I buy that guy?

wei wang says:

when it comes to physics

abrionna JOHNSON says:

it was a tie in my eyes no lie

ZeayGaming says:

Wow ;o anyone knows what song it is?

Philmon James says:

the guy rocks

Congorka says:

music … ?

krishan sharma says:

Amazing pole dance 

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