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One guy is punched out because he wanted to dance salsa with a woman. Take a look to 2:03!!


tammylovesmakeup says:

the woman is a coward

MrToxicBlizzard says:

This video gave me cancer.

General Eastwood says:

dammnnnn what a savage

Ann Hirro says:

i like how he crawls like a crab for his hat straight away to hide his face
of shame.

tammylovesmakeup says:

I like how the couple at the end help him stand up. so courteous of them

Sherly Teegs says:

Fucking niggers always causing….whooops…………..

Cesar Gil says:

lol how did I end up here 

yosmarone says:


1994raijin says:

he is loser like me =))))

Mikay Jacko says:

Haha creepy guy got what he deserved, the guy in red was there first,
though neither seemed to show any respect for the woman. Blonde looks nice

tammylovesmakeup says:

its cantinflas dancing

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