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Do ya know how much it took this morning not to go straight to my pages and wipe you off there for good after reading this insulting crap????
Do ya?
Ya know wot, if it ticks you off sooooo bloody bad then I suggest ya go back to the start and stick that grimey rag back on ya pages to talk with hmmmmm
YOU obviously don’t know the dirty B like I do huh.
Good mates with the snake she is and worked with him when he tried to have a slam
at me on his No Quarter page before I hit him with all I had and made him disappear.
Yeah, on his page she came and mouthed off along with him.
Charming person she is NOT!
Those type always stick together, especially when they had their dirty porn pages going…..but me, I held my own against them and didn’t involve anyone else.
I may have let a couple know what happened but it was my beef not theirs.
The snake did say somethin’ that had me intrigued though….he said there is someone getting around with a false accent talk and is not the gender they
make out to be?????
My first thought was the ‘pretend’ boyfriend of HERS called M.I.P. who has the scottish accent…..also on facebook as GOING TO CALIFORNIA among other pages….maybe it’s her as well, who knows hmmm
I did find it very strange that after I posted a comment on Pietro’s page that time he went and posted the same Jimmy profile I was using???
I asked you about that but you chose to ignore how he would have got that ‘rare’ pic?

BUT, you’re a paying customer so why wouldn’t she be all sweet with ya hmmm
To get ya back of course.
During those sweet little chats ya had did ya quiz her about everything hmmm
Did she tell ya all about herself????
I bet she didn’t.
Just small talk was it?
Trust and respect LOL
My god, after all you have hit me with, and which has saddened me at times and brought me down….YA GOTTA DAMN CHEEK throwin’ that shit in my face now!!!!
Stick HER and all her bodgie pages right up ya SH*T SHOOTER for all I care right now.

I’m sooooo EFFIN angry at the moment I don’t know wot is gonna come out here next so I’m just gonna head off here now. -Karen C.
(Melbourne AU’s, One☥Love


Yes, I did do my time and I am very, very happy the way I live now. I date when I feel like it, but like I told you, I have iced my heart to any long term commitments ever again, I just don’t want it.
And right from the start, I told you I wasn’t interested in any relationship on MS. Just the music and that is all. A distraction, sometimes fun times on there, but not lately, and couldn’t be bothered much these days anyway. Just visit those who have taken the time to come to my pages and a quick hello to be mannerly. It hurts me to think you didn’t take our friendship as real too, I thought it was.
BUT, you can’t just be friends with me and it’s sad that can’t happen. AND, I don’t keep secrets! You know what I look like and that is all I am willing to put up on my private page, of which, I have now closed due to all this crap.


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