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From the album Drum Attack

Hope you enjoy this fun track 🙂 Let’s dance! 🙂 Download link:

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MadamZlicaOdOpaka says:

Hello everyone!! Finally I got the time to make some changes, download link
is in the description box!! :)

Robby Kappa says:

Like it!

Zasha Zangana says:

Hi. can you please send it to my mail too?
[email protected]:-)

marry valenty says:

Goood!! i love it ..

Hanna Törnblom says:

Can you please send me this song on [email protected].
I’ll be really greatfull. :)

Apryl Chauhan says:

Hi! Like everyone else here Ive searched everywhere trying to find this
download! 🙂 I would really appreciate a copy for my Zumba playlist. Thank
you so, so much! email: [email protected]

elf aws says:


Erin Herbert says:

Hi. I’ve tried everywhere to get a copy of this track. If you are able to
email it, would you please send to [email protected] ? Many thanks.

azeanzea zea says:

hi.. can u send it for me…. pleaseeee… my email add is
[email protected] =)

Lindsay Zumba says:

Thank you!!!! 🙂

zumba4899 says:

Please please anyone, share the song!! [email protected]

Jill Marie says:

Love this! Would you please send this if it’s not too much trouble? Thanks!
[email protected]

iluvlucy1117 says:

I would love this track as well! SO FUN! [email protected]

Lita Arias says:

Hi all anyone can help me find this song??? or send it to please need it
badly;0) [email protected],. Thanks alot

ClubMiniMiniatures says:

Can’t find this anywhere. PLEASE send [email protected]. Much

Helen Balancar says:

why its cut in the last i need full version plsssss tnx

julia thomas says:

May I please have it sent to me too. I love it- new instructor looking for
something unique- also password if required

MadamZlicaOdOpaka says:

Can you write your e-mail here so I can send this song to you? 🙂

Perry Siu says:

I would greatly appreciate it if you could also send to me at
[email protected] . Thanks!

Noam S says:

Tony, Great drumbeat!!! Mabruk, Noam

MadamZlicaOdOpaka says:

sent! enjoy! 😀

Tiinuli says:

Can you send it for me too please? [email protected].

MadamZlicaOdOpaka says:

Sent! 🙂

Yasmine Florquin says:

can you send thisone to me please? I love it! [email protected]

Angela B says:

Hey tried to download from Link but need a password – Love your work!
[email protected] if possible or password! Thanks

KAT TheCelticUnicorn says:

This is awesome please email this to me too thank you
[email protected] ^^

MadamZlicaOdOpaka says:

Sent 😀

zumba2011lola says:

Hello can you please email me as well [email protected]

BadLieutenant78 says:

Help me please! I miss a few seconds from this song. Can somebody send it
to me [email protected]

yadira SC says:

I have been trying to find this song, can you please send this song to my
e-mail [email protected], please!!!

MadamZlicaOdOpaka says:

sent 😀

MadamZlicaOdOpaka says:

Sent 😀

highmusic11 says:

so nice music, can u plz send me this song? if you can plzz email it to
[email protected] :0 thank u

Nelly Chitoy says:

i love this song, please, can you e mail it to me ………
[email protected]

Helen Balancar says:

need your help send this song on my email [email protected]

Kasia Linkowska says:

Hi, I tried to download from Link but need a password :0(…..PLEASE …..
Can u send this to my e mial : [email protected] :0) THX

Helen Balancar says:

madam i need your help can you send me this song pls.
[email protected]

MadamZlicaOdOpaka says:

sent! have a lovely day 🙂

Daegu Zumba says:

Hi~!!! Can you send me this?? I need your help, please~~~~
[email protected]

zumba masterjedai says:

pls send it to me also. so love it. tnx [email protected]

BadLieutenant78 says:

please send me this song again… there is no mail in my inbox…
[email protected] THX 4 support!!!

MadamZlicaOdOpaka says:

sent 😉

MadamZlicaOdOpaka says:

Umm, I sent the song but it says that delivery failed, so if you have
another e-mail, write it here 😉

Jonna Birgersson says:

Would you pleeease send it to me aswell? I would really like to have this
song in my Zumba-class! My email is [email protected] 🙂 Thanks
for uploading!

sjarrett56 says:

Hi, love this song will you please send it to
me…[email protected]…thanks!

MadamZlicaOdOpaka says:

Sent 😀

MadamZlicaOdOpaka says:

Sent 😀

Kathy Anderson says:

can you send this to me as well my email [email protected]

Nuno Aldeias Zumba says:

Please can you send me too? Please please 🙂 My mail is
[email protected]

leylitaodum says:

yes please me too! i want this song for my zumba class! i will apreciate it
a lot! [email protected] thanks a lot

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