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Please s u b s c r i b e ~
Watch new video work by Tarázát Films (love this one!) ~ (“The Earth’s Rebirth”)

The song is right in the tittle, you can always see what the song is by looking right under this description where it says “purchase”.
Performance by Sonia Burns.
Watch, in HD. I do not own the song.
“Belly Dance Beyond all Words” ~

Please dont link to other websites with out an OK by Taråzát FIlms.
HIGHLIGHTS video of Bela DIva Dance Company click here ~
Filmed and Edited by Tarazat Films.
Canon 60D.
Velbon PH-368 – Tripod head.
50mm f/1.8 II Lens.
My complaint was that i recorded it at 60fps
with way low light, which was why i used filters
to give it a painting like look or antique feel.

No better quality belly dances on youtube ~ Taråzát Films (subscribe and like for more)


Tarazatfilms says:


Tarazatfilms says:

NEW PERFORMANCE by Sonia coming soon!! Subscribe for updates on all the
highest quality dance videos at Tarazat Films and watch for the new video
of Sonia called “SONIA ~ ANA BASTANAK!”

jaana EVA ALI says:

Very nice! !!

Tarazatfilms says:

Yes, I have also worked with Sadie here : Sadie Belly Dance 2013 VIOLIN
TAKSIM with Rachid Halihal (Best Quality of SADIE on Utube 1080P)

liazinha martins says:


Bea Overton says:

she looks like megan fox!

BeautybyJenna says:

that’s my history teacher…

Munchkin Heaven says:

This is more of a snake dance than belly dance! Brill performance, well

Eunice Esquivel says:
Andrea Perrault says:

amasing ! 

Tube Oswald says:

mmmmm……. a bit of weight in there.

Elaini says:

Nice one! She really is on fire.

richieb carric says:

I didnt think I could be hypnotised…….I just have….wow !!

Sonja Masters says:

this is beautiful

MsTooteh says:

+Tarazatfilms Would it be okay if I use a short clip from this video (only
a few seconds) in a Middle Eastern video I am making to post online? I
would happily credit you (and Sonia) for the video and I would use
different music.

Mona Aha says:

And I was actually feeling good about my belly dancing 🙁 She’s fantastic

Anass Tq says:

What’s song called ?

TheCamerista says:

Does someone know the name of the song? It is very catchy.

E Farkas says:

She is fantastic! I just love to watch it! Thanks

babeliciouse says:

Where can I get this sound track from I love it?

Pat isallyouneed says:

Yeow, she’s incredible!!

ShadowGuardX says:

she’s very nice i hope i can meet a girl who can dance like her :(

Janka B says:

It is just great!

Aneta Urbášková says:

I though there was no such thing as perfection, well… I was wrong,
clearly O.O Amazing performance, just wow.

Harvin Jove says:

buen sonido

Maria Velinia says:


Francisco Nascimento says:

Uaaauuuuu! Demais!

Gouri Sankar Pradhan says:


jessica23jessica says:

Hellz bells u are fantabulous

Ivan Bakalov says:

„SONIA ~ The Mother of All Belly Dance’s (Beats An…“:

dancerfor adonai says:

Hawt Fuild & Captivating… New dance model & mentor! 

Charlie Camino says:

your body is simply perfect… Indeed the mother of all belly dancers.

Lilly Jaenuri says:

Just simply wonderfull….every move was incredible…..

dolla says:

dancing like an Angel 

Candle Stick says:

I really like her! :)

SylphFromGreece says:

amazing show!

Olonna Legrand says:


signorina27 says:

OMG She is incredible!!! Beyond my imagination .. WOW

Okky Handayani says:

Absolutely mesmerizing. I felt as though I was brought back in time,
watching the hypnotizing dance from a desert rose..

Chuck Heppner says:

I’m in LO♡E‼

Jason Day says:

The girl has talent no denying that. Thanks for sharing.

prabhakar chandra says:

holy smoke!!!

maruf-al- Abdullah says:

…awesome….like n like…!!!

Kristina Romans says:

I love this!

Dzheep says:

“Red Sonia!” :-)

Noman bhatti says:

i like this,

Olga Novakauskiene says:

Belly Dance ! Bravo
Thank you

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