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Turned on the cam did the Harlem Shake and never looked back. I’m sure you will all now have nightmares for life!

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PrankandSpank channel


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jetsonjoe says:

yup…you are one hot man…woof

jetsonjoe says:

Great…finally found your videos again..Lost after a crash….Man you are
one funny man…always always ALWAYS entertaining…Great to see”ALL” of

TheDeafOneManShow says:

You jealous bro? haha =p

TheDeafOneManShow says:

Np problem and thanks for watching and enjoying them. =D

TheDeafOneManShow says:

Glad to know I could turn you on.

TheDeafOneManShow says:

and I’m gonna slap your face with it =p

Amber Dixon says:

HAHA. That was uh, very, nice. O.o lol

megaonedirectioner says:


TheDeafOneManShow says:


TheDeafOneManShow says:

Rock on!! =D

Cherelle Green says:

OMG… I wonder if Annette approved of this video lol… Too funny and now
I cant watch the new Harlem Shake videos sane now… This is just madd….

Robin Bird says:

lmfao what did i just watch????

TheDeafOneManShow says:

now you all learned something new about me. =D

TheDeafOneManShow says:

because you’re gonna be jacking off to this video for the rest of the

MrBepruitt says:

Man…Anette must get tired of having to sew a third pant leg for all your

Rebecca Armendariz-Gonzalez says:

Bahahahaha oh my God I love you guys!

Kenny Humphreys says:

Dafuq did I just watch?

TheDeafOneManShow says:

makes me wonder how many times you watched this? =p


HILARIOUS! This video deserves millions of views!

Sheena Bateman says:

LMFAO – omg you are soo funny!!

MrBepruitt says:

@Jack Martin LMAO!!!!!

alyssa zertuche says:

he has a big one! if you know what i mean

TheDeafOneManShow says:

It helps to be crazy!!

Kemily Trogden says:

OMG you could see his balls when he would shake lol

Tracy Stouffer says:

OMG!! Haha sexy man lol

TheDeafOneManShow says:

come a little closer and you will see. =p

TheDeafOneManShow says:

Thanks =D

TheDeafOneManShow says:

I wasn’t even trying hard and I’m sure you have seen better as I just did
this for fun

Laith Emailat says:

Ok its gaay !!! but fuck it its tooo funny LMfAOo

TheDeafOneManShow says:

Thanks for laughing and enjoying this

Steven Crook says:

WTF ur crazy scott LMFAO

Steven Crook says:


TheDeafOneManShow says:

Thank you =D

sammy valitine says:

Yo darfman y so crazy I dare u too

TheDeafOneManShow says:

keep replaying it over and over again.. =D

TheDeafOneManShow says:

shake shake baby! =D

Ian Dayan says:

0:16 thought that was ur dick hahaha

WeHave Puppiz says:

So is he deaf?

TheDeafOneManShow says:


TheDeafOneManShow says:

She raped me afterwards….just to have fun with the sock instead of me. =/

TheDeafOneManShow says:

Thank you…Thank you. =D *hugs*

jetsonjoe says:

you have nice legs…but is that a third leg as well…move in for a close
up…now doesn’t the harlem shake involve moving around as well….okay
then …move around and lets see that shaking….hahaha…your nuts but a
funny nuts

seraphina rogers says:

wow that comment was kinda creepy i meant i love you guys channels! hahaha

Emo kent says:


jetsonjoe says:

you have to do more videos of your cock shaking…you are nuts…it must be
spring loaded the way it dances around like that…or you could do one bare
assed naked with your face and cock covered up and shake till you
drop…showed this to a few friends…and she split her side laughing…now
she is hooked on you Scott…

Juan Del says:

dude why is your dick black??? bahahahah

TheDeafOneManShow says:

Ohh thank you. =D

TheDeafOneManShow says:

I don’t blame you. It’s so mesmerizing =D

breezinator11 says:

both him & his wife are deaf.

ansymo67 says:

I’m not seeing anything sexy…. Just sayin’

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