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holly kelley says:


AAMAD- Performing Arts says:

Good Morning! Start your day with this energetic #BellyDance video! Its
sure to make your day! Beautiful precise movements and flow work. Check it

Syed Mohammed Hilal says:

Real tradition al

TheSarah9706 says:

Please send me a link to egyptian darbuka ? 🙂 thank you

wutdafeezy says:

It reminds me so much of Tahitian hula

Xitlalmina Queen says:

love it

pisceslovelylady says:

What is this song called? I love it

Sarah Bieber says:

These girls r amazing

sicklove says:

That’s amazing! It looks like they’re floating. The dancing is flawless.

lindasatx says:

I admit, I watched the whole thing… twice. ;X

velvetsixx says:

ohmygod such FLAWLESS CONTROL & isolation. it’s as if their bodies are
playing the beat instead of following it

marlene deleon says:

Does anyone know tthe name of the song they’re dancing to? I wish I could
do all that they’re amazing

Vincenza says:

What song is this? This is beautiful!

Nona Saeed says:

They are amazing

JesNunez21 says:

Theyre amazing! I wish i could do all of this!

Teannah Porter says:

How does this only have 6, 000 views? ?? They are amazing

aisha SH says:

ooh so mad XDXD

tkd9120 says:

This is Sadie and Kaya.

erikapezzini says:

Siete brave da morì!!!!!!!

Fathimah Azzahra says:

i hope i can do 😀 its nice

Sammy Biruy says:

Stole this from India this not egyptian fake egypt …Arabs

Jade Standeven says:

incredible. hope i’m this good one day

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