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Two chicks grinding in school uniform


Nova Clark says:

the one on the left is Nicole Ramirez and on the right is megan salizar.
they both go to my school, we did this one day after school. this isn’t the
whole video though.

Richard Castillo says:

I want both girls to grind on me.

bend over says:

Gay faggets

Thomas Munoz says:

What the name of the song in the background 

Andrea Ferrel says:

I want that to happen to me

Gerrod Phillip says:

Wow beautiful Buddy’s that looking like fun

brianna willis says:

Damn my pussy is so wet now 

Matowix says:

I masturbate to this once a week or so.

Kenna Candle says:

Ugh, I couldn’t stop watching. I was late to football practice :(

Jade Johnson says:

i want that ass

Mark MacDermot says:

Im a guy and I give a girl a lap dance in exchange for one. It was a alot
of fun!

Esmeralda Umanzor says:

Kik me at orlin_shadow

Sammeh SmallZ says:


Amillyan Bonds says:

The girl is the black shorts dont have a booty but she was gettin it

Amillyan Bonds says:

The girl is the black shorts dont have a booty but she was gettin it

Mario V Galindo says:

I want to do that

Richard Yes says:

My dick is so hard I could fuck your mom

KMONEY Dot says:


YouAssassinated says:

This turns me on so much! I’m about to call my girlfriend

Daniel Amorsolo says:

Typing this with my left hand

Abraham Carrillo says:

Any girl desperate for a fucking, kik me at ABCDJK007

Amber Hernandez says:

Im masturbating with this video

Abraham Carrillo says:

Can’t stop watching this, it’s so hot and it turns me on!!!.I just want to
fuck already.

Esmeralda Umanzor says:


Sebastian Hernandez says:

I want one 

Abraham Carrillo says:

I love them both, especially the one that was dancing. I would love to see
and fuck both. Keep making more videos. And Esmeralda, I want to do you!!!

LilTRockk says:

Check me out (14 yr old rapper)

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