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Lap Dance Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Carmen Electra, Briana Evigan Drama HD

Struggling to pay her bills, Monica takes a job as an exotic dancer and is instantly captivated by the provocative world of sex, drugs and money. But once she gets a taste of the enchanting lifestyle, she has no desire to turn back. Suddenly, Monica’s life quickly spirals out of control as betrayals and power struggles emerge. This once seductive reality now threatens everything Monica cares about.

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Jesse Keim says:

A movie that shows that all it takes is a strip club to turn your woman
from a good housewife to a flat out hooker in an hour and thirty minutes.
No way am I going to see this film! Ok, ok…I may have over exaggerated
a bit there. Maybe I’ll go see it.
Ok I’ll go see it, but I’m keeping my pants on. No, wait. I’ll just bring
a date to the movie and wear sweatpants. 

MOVIECLIPS Trailers says:
Gandhi says:

My god this looks shite.

Allan da Silva says:

isn’t the white guy from a step up movie, too? just like briana?

Jamie Chipper says:


CMA Productions says:

Boy, oh boy, CinemaSins are going to love this one…

rayzer says:

I see women watching this more than men.

Men would just go to a real club rather than watching a movie about one.

Reboot Entertainment says:

Starring #AliCobrin , #BrianaEvigan and #CarmenElectra , ‘Lap Dance’
tells the story of a young woman who becomes an exotic dancer in order to
make ends meet.

#LapDance #trailer #exoticdancers #sexy 

Svet the Saiyan says:

What is happening with the movie industry nowadays?!

isaac franks says:

We are going to hear a lot of fapping in the cinema 

Iconapop1 says:

I’m gonna watch it only for carmen.

chasemebaby says:

I only clicked for Carmen Electra. 

Sorrow0265 says:

WTF is this shit?
Is this even a movie?

Hickles says:

Foe this kind of stuff you can tell it’s indie before it says so

MainlineDnB says:


Shanoriya Robinson says:

Make that money….Don’t let it make you

Lancelot Nunez says:

This movie IS called lap dance.


This contains a lap dance.


Sin counter:

DEMONACY177 says:


Fernando Maverick says:

…Seriouslly, Hollywood? I mean… seriouslly?

ti tran says:

Top 3 reasons to watch this movie
1. Boobs

Flip198 says:

Im getting a “showgirls” vibe from this oh well gotta wait and see

Roq999 says:


saiyangirl22 says:

cinema sins is going to be so happy for once

MetalGamerGuy says:

There is already movies like this…its on Lifetime and whatever other
stupid channels show stupid movies.

Cutter Meyer says:


Tomiwa Bammeke says:

This scene does not contain a lap dance *ding*

kaitlin_08 says:

Robert Hoffman!!!!!
Omg I love him

Deocrinic says:

Hey Step Up 2
stripper edition

Gabriel8415 says:

Oscar contender? 

Victoria Flamel says:

Based on a true story. 

Aaron Chavez says:

Ahh the only country in the world where we celebrate a tragic strippers
life.. YAY MURICA!!!

Iowabuffalo says:

Real dancers will love this movie as it will continue the image that they
are girls looking for the right guy to take them away from the life. Some
fool will loose all his money trying to make one of them his GF. Need to
see the red banner trailer to tell if this is worth seeing. 

Sandouras says:

Admit it, you’re all here for the ti… for the story! 

Voodoo Melon says:

So absolutely, tragically diabolical, it might actually win an Oscar.

DarkPyroZero says:

It’s like the female version of Magic Mike #Kappa 

Fadi Zia says:

umm. only true stories left to make a movie??

Nikolas Lara says:


Braden Deal says:

Looks so bad

Magic magicman of magicland says:

so basically, the lap dancing female version of Breaking bad. She needs
money, so she goes off to do something incredibly stupid but you get a lot
of money out of it (apparently) and then that person gets consumed by what
they did to get the money.

lechnerjoe says:



Cinema Sins is gonna love this

Alexander Farax says:

I’m going to guess this make like less the 10% on rotten tomato.

Sarah DiCaprio says:

just watching this trailer makes me wanna go get tested 

S3XY_Quintus says:

A perfect movie for the whole family 

T says:

It’s like an R rated version of Step Up. lol

MMDshaaban says:

yeah i am not just gonna watch a movie because it contains a lab dance

Mark Petersen says:

Cinemasins would love this movie. ;)

85ddrummer says:

Wow! Thanks for letting me know a movie about a chick that is low on funds
starts stripping is based on a true story! I never knew that’s why they

disasterlord2010 says:

and that’s people why a movie like interstellar brings my faith in humanity

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