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Andressa Soares homenagea o Mengão dançando a música, que virou febre no Campeonato carioca


studmayne says:

kim kardashian aint shit compare to this grl man

DonJuanDeMarco2 says:

Like.. i wish she would come to my gym. She looks kind of stupid but, thats
a quality i like in a woman. This is some kind of novelty dance record
right ?

elsaina05 says:

pobres niños jajaja

omar168 says:

This woman has an amazing body but I would be afraid that she could easily
crush me with those big, strong and shapely thighs. Not a bad way to go

sapphireeyeznj says:

damn she sexy… ahh man those kids in the background had me lmaooooo lol.

bbasher79 says:

She knows those little boys are watching, and she’s getting off on it.

dizaatjuh el says:

omg she cant’ dance i dont really like her body she is so muscler I prefer
jlo in her younger days. and by the way in europe you got the finest body’s
just take a look in Adam your eyes will wrole out and i don’t talk about
the hollands girls they are skinny but the maroccan lady’s they are smoking
hot their bodys are like vulkano an the antillian girls same for them

ricomaimai says:

vai ser gostosa assim na minha cama viu véi,porra,povo fala q é gorda
ainda,excesso de gostosura,safada!!!

munhihausen says:


Hugo Pinhal says:


Jay Hdz says:

this is a body u can only born with.

illanig says:

sweet mother of god

Fuego207 says:

now thats a real woman that i need

gmcfosho says:

where is the high quality version?

scamparelly says:

nessa hora dá vontade de tocar uma.

compawilie says:

Con ese culo no necesita papel de baño yo se lo chupo con todo y caca no
ahi pedo

easynowww says:

I don’t think she is doing it cuz of the boys. She started off dancing when
the boys weren’t there. So if she was to move it look kind of weird and
blatant so she carried on dancing. Plus they are only kids and she thinks
kids dont think as teens or older men so carried on. She didn’t know the
kids will be there. If you look at her eyes she looks few times at the
beggining because the kids start gathering so u cant really say its cuz of
the kids or she did it on purpose.

juan6810 says:

Jesus and baby jesus


most brazillian females are all built like crazy thick and curvy! she
doesnt take any steroids, stop hatin…lol, thats a damn shame.

paulouvo says:

pqp eh a mina mais gostosa do mundo inteiro que eu jah vi na minha vida !
cry americanos this is brasil sil sil sil…

BulletproofMk3 says:

this type of shit sure dont happen at my gym . . . sadly .

Moca Couture says:

She has a nice built

phobie elliott says:

Mengaaooo!!! Uma gostosa como ela tinha que ser flamengo!

mmoore45 says:

I would gladly run over each and everyone of you with a bus on 3 flat tires
to get to that tail..

Wurp Durp says:

You mean lucky lil kids?

Wurp Durp says:

She needs to be a pornstar!!!!!

Nani Nani Ninami says:

o que significa creu?

fazel911 says:

fuck u are u blind yes she does have a big ass if u acutally look yeh her
thighs are big but look at her ass u dickhead

drfager01 says:

this girls is hot, its you small dick guys that dont like her.

Morgan Lee says:

I would bury my face in her ass and toss her salad for days, and then
buttfuck her to no end.

JPLMONEY23 . says:

Damn I jizzed in my pants……AHHHHHHH !

clintaxe says:

but shes brazilian..

TSmitty3000 says:

What’s the official language in Brazil now? I remember it being Portuguese.
How much Spanish is spoken there? What about English?

amerikani24 says:

the kids in the back are fuckin crackin me up. horny lil bastards!

ariesone3221 says:

you see that lil kid in the v-neck @ 0:20… Hello wet dreams…lmfaoooo!

Balloutrageous18 says:

……………….She bad

game811 says:

Please God can you please send me to Brazil

keithbarky says:

I love this woman. I want to marry her.



bulldogs6807 says:

she just made an 8 year old hard…lol

kalabo018 says:

man if one lil boy I woulda been rite up on dat booty

KentDog says:

she’s gorgeous, but did anyone else notice that big group of kids in the
background? wow.. sort of tasteless.

catchfree84 says:

those kids are dry humping the air

Daddy336 says:

oOOOO sh*t

DjBuenoStronda says:

gostosa não né

outlawz85 says:

lol wacth this video again and look at the people in the backround
reactions lol

leiken12 says:

ela ta toda suadinha!!! q vontade d comer e cheirar essa bunda deliciosa
pela andressa viro flamengo

GMBlegend says:

lmfao. you right!

Romola Porhuk says:

urge to fap rising

zanzir says:

the little ones just wanna fuck u hahaha

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