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Choreography Ari
Korea fighting


Carollina Moralles says:

Soy bailarina profesional y no me gusto este bailesito U.U

curvylouis says:

i love how if someone even says they’re being a bit too sexy or twerk to
much or even say something that comes out very negative they jump and say
BETTER THAN U N THEYRE SEXIERRRRR!!!”. i’m not gonna sugar coat this but
this is just horrible and not sexy. they’re not feeling the music and
they’re just trying to get more views by doing sexy dances and not caring
about ACTUALLY dancing. their past covers were amazing especially the run
the world one. there was no effort put into this. if wiggling your butt and
doing the same annoying dance moves over again is putting effort into this
then god help me. and they do have talent, because i watched their problem
video and THAT is actually dancing, then they ruin it by adding the ‘sexy’

Laina Ginger says:

Yall cant twerk and mostly people sub u because they think ur sluts

Hinata Hyûga says:

Sou a única que escreveu em português :’3

Mey Rin says:

I’ve been subscribed to Waveya for a while now and, in MY opinion, I can
honestly say I feel like they’re getting worst. Now, I’m not a “hater” just
because I don’t like some of the things they put out there today but I miss
their old stuff that had hip hops and stuff. I don’t feel the energy and
excitement from them in this one and it looks like the same moves. It also
looks like they’re just shaking their asses. Which is becoming 80% of their
content now. I understand that that’s what gets them views and such but
it’s easy to see that they’re starting to not put effort into their videos
and just sexiness instead. I know they can do what they want and if
overexerting sexiness is their style (which it is) then be my guest. But
you can see from the comment section of this video and their old videos
that most people aren’t happy. I’m not saying they have to set themselves
in fire to keep us warm but it would be nice to get a little bit more
choreography out of this. I’m trying to make this sound nice as possible
without trying to sound rude.

Tuomo Drums says:

** T U O M O D R U M S **

josefitosantiago says:

wtf…where is Doori??

CutiezGummiez Wooz says:

You just turned a family happy song sexual. Wow. Ari you have no idea how
hard I wanna slap the shit out of you.

Lois Sledge-Manser says:

One minute they had skirts on i looked through the comments and they were

wendy gomita says:

Soy la unica que escribe en español :’3

Veri Kimi says:

U FUCKING Haters!!!!!!!! So you mean to tell me that you can do a better
choreography and dance better ? Look they are dancing and being sexy . U
people just concentrate on the sexy not how good they are dancing ! Look at
Hai and then at Miu or Ari or Jin . You are gonna see difference because
they are talented and Hai is not ! And also many people say that Doori and
Hyung left the group because of Miu and Ari . WRONG ! They are studying and
don’t have time to dance . So stop thinking about how sexy they are and
think about their skills . And I’m girl not a boy !

Kayle Dee says:

sucks too much sexual move

Rainbow Heart says:

I am so sick and tired of hearing people call them sluts or whatever. That
is just how they dance! Props to them for being able to pull of the ‘sexy
look’..I know that I couldn’t do that. Until you are able to dance like
them, shut the hell up. And I’d really like to know why you even watch
their videos when you know exactly that this is how they dance. 

BeautyByValentina says:

Do anaconda by nicki minaj please

Sofia R says:

It’s an other version of La La La or am I just being weird?

kpop lee says:

WTF is Ari wearing?

Xx{ Rainβøω Dąşɧ }xX says:

*Dances like MiU*
+Ariana titanium rhythm
+Dajia Joyce
+Makoto Honda
+Rick Sanchez
By the way, I’m practicing this dance routine right now.

Nocna Furia says:

Z chęcią bym zaśpiewał teraz piosenkę Ruda Jest Moja!!! 😀 XD

Brady Michelle says:

I miss doori

Myel Scott says:

I feel like they’re talented and well yeah talented but I will add, too
sexual and well too much twerking especially since yall can’t twerk. It was
alright but then the skirts were lost and then it got sexual like the last
two vids I watched. It’s just too much, trying too hard when you don’t have

Michi Lynn says:

Jin your shorts seem a wee bit too tight for you you look like you have a
muffin top going on. (Yes I know Jin is skinny so dont give me that bs I
know is coming its just those short are way to tight)

Isabella Mejia Jaramillo says:

Se supone que la cancion es latina no?…. Se ve que estas chinas no
entienden, es sabor latino no pop …. y el bailesito de mover las caderas
y nuestras curvas preciosas con nuestros cuerpos inigualables NO LES QUEDA!

kookie Lachowski says:

Its like sticks dancing lol

Manuela Gabriel says:


Nico Cadby says:

I cant look at waveya in the same way… Doori and Hyang were amazing
dancing… And they’ve been replaced with these girls…

MikerinaGJ says:

Me parece que estas asiáticas no sabían que era la música del mundial de
fútbol de este año (2014), no han entendido el significado de esta canción
ni la temática. Aunque la canción de Shakira es muy comercial, este baile
la hace muy vulgar. Este tema no es para excitar al público con esos
movimientos, que a mi parecer no son pasos latinos, ni lo han intentado, no
hay nada de Shakira y menos de Brasil. Han convertido la temática del
fútbol en Brasil en el Carnaval mas extravagante, pero no de Brasil. Una
bailarina profesional lo baila todo, pero estas han confundido el baile con
la provocación. 

marina garcia says:

These girls look ridiculous, NO jealousy here!(hell no!) just the truth!

David Carpenter says:

It is really fun to read the comments from all you slut-shaming girls.

idailyyJL says:

I’m not bashing/hating/dogging them but whoever choreographed this did not
pay attention to the music. They are focusing way too much on their skills
not the music. Dance is supposed to be parallel the to music. The moves
are supposed to ride the rhythm but they aren’t paying attention to the
music. If i dare say they are using too much twerking/butt shaking. This
is more of the Brazilian type of music so it should contain more Zumba like
moves that focuses on belly and hips rather than ass. They are good
dancers but I can’t agree with this one. I don’t know whose going to read
this but its my opinion. I would like to read your guys’ too but of course
the constructive type of criticism/opinion not random hating/bitching. 

genene habtamu says:


mhorset says:

great, they did it in their way. loved it

roblox game play says:

i mostly like mui

RiririED Chibi says:

Btw I don’t understand why people say they can’t twerk because they weren’t
trying to twerk they were just dancing……

shinjitsu85 says:

Hai needs to go.

Sakura Angel says:

That new girl in the red- Hai was her name?- she wasn’t that good >~< 

genene habtamu says:

shakr music

Eugene Starchak says:

This song about LEGO kit

Hailey Edsall says:

Do a routine to “Talk Dirty” by Jason Derulo?

jongin wifey says:

idc about u guys but i love jin, sure she may look bitchy but that makes me
feel attracted to her even more 

Angelica Capili says:

So if American singers dance like this it’s called “fierce,” but when
waveya does it, it’s slutty? Lol ok. I think they’re great. If you got it,
flaunt it.

thoyi says:

Not much dancing going on

Kassio Luis says:

Sou brasileiro, essa música foi feita em ótima hora e vocês arrasaram!

sett watt says:

very sexxy I like you

Stylinson says:

yeah they’re sexy but their moves just doesnt fit the song, too much
slutiness put on. its a bit bit bit disgusting

Karen L says:

You can do the choreography of the song Genie Girl’s Generation?
And I was wondering if you guys instead to people who are seeing can dance
in front of pro video, why is so much eaiser.
I await your response, try to do, please. Kisses and thank you.

Roccoco Chartier says:

Please, stop this slut shaming! I can guarantee you all that sluts can’t
dance like that. ;)

andrea moya says:

Not cool i soooo dont like this.. This isnt even cheography… ari
disappointed and upset. You guys have gone worse every sense twerking
became a big deal. : im done with you guys. I love that song. It was an
international family song meant for the fia world cup. And u guys ruined it

João Lopes says:


kaliny gege says:

Nada a ver essa coreografia

Sedity ve Vanity says:

wow 😀 :*

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