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Anthony Persaud and Jocelyn Rosero will teach you another intermediate salsa dancing move that will get you into a left sided hammerlock position. This salsa…


oscar argumero says:
Addicted2Salsa says:

@UCBANDIT009 As a lead, you do want to make sure your arm movements don’t
interfere with your leading – that is the basic principle. I normally add a
bit of rocking motion to add a bit of flavor in our basic steps, however if
you notice that once I go into a pattern, I keep it to a minimum to allow
the lady to have a clear indication on what I’d like her to do for the

1aztecdude says:

waaaoooooo!!!!!! super!

dark102 says:

Amazing lesson, thanks for putting this out there for all of us salsa lovers

Heyker Ramirez says:


ahmadfuaad says:

The song is Guarare, but I dont know which version. Definitely it is not
Ray Barreto’s version because it is a bit faster..

Kevin Rod says:

can you guys put the name of the songs…..this is awesome!

1969Chronos says:

Although salsa is not in my dance repertoire since I perform international
Latin ballroom dances, I find your videos extremely informative. The
technique is explained clearly and the styling is easy to follow. Thanks
for posting them.

diakité issa says:

OMG that’s no nice ! awesome video !

UCBANDIT009 says:

@apersaud ah alright, that cleared things out. Thank you.

skatonio says:

THIS IS A SWEET ASS MOVE…SILKY SMOOTH… Mr. Persaud, may you become a
legendary figure in the salsa universe. Gracias!

dancebrat99 says:

street style………………..

Mike Music says:

On 2- 2:56

diakité issa says:

Pity it is in english ; it is very hard to understand all that u say ….
please do it in french..

Aztecabrn soyyo says:

Actually he does not speak perfect Spanish you can tell right away.

juan antonio Garcia says:

fantastic video as always

MrTodoporelfutbol says:

en Cali se dan las vueltas bailando no caminando tene eso en cuenta se ve
mas lindo

Zé Manel says:

I didn’t say that his spanish was perfect but yes the accent ..

UCBANDIT009 says:

Is that much arm movement necessary? I’ve been learning salsa for 3 months
and my instructor tells me to keep arm movements to a minimum. Or is this a
different style of salsa? If anyone can give me an answer thanks a bunch. 🙂

Georgina de Wilde says:

wish I could take personal lessons from you; live in Fayetteville.

Matias Toro says:

when switching to the “hammerlock,” Would it seem weird if the man lowers
the head a little bit? It is a position in my case I have to assume because
my partner is a bit smaller than me.

palmaxmaverick says:

Will you do an app for Android market? We want to get these videos 😀

Addicted2Salsa says:

Not sure if I replied to this, but we now have an Android app called
‘Pocket Salsa Free’ available in the Google Play store.

palmaxmaverick says:

Will you do an app for Android market? We want to get these videos 😀

Mike Ortiz says:

I got the pocket adicted2salsa for android ,,,Love it Gracias caballote

XLatinGioX says:

Me gusta el street style es mucho mas flexible y libre

luisa allman says:

i love jocylin dance style much better than julie

Nicolás fuentes vidal says:

Que buenos videos apersaud me gustan mucho tus combinaciones, el unico
problema es que estoy en tailandia(chiang mai) y ha sido ficil encontrar
una mujer para practicar todos los videos

erosario42 says:

Anthony can you please please include also Puerto Rico on 2 , similar to on
1 but man steps on 2. Thank you

Saygin Celen says:

Please add more moves or all moves you have to the app. Also, I tried to
buy the paid app, but google play gave error several times. Wish you the

OriginalJoseyWales says:

how does salsa compare to son ?

Thomas Ulep says:

I love it! I tried this in class and wowed my dance partner!

OriginalJoseyWales says:

trouble with salsa is that the woman is always doing all the work; doing
all the moves and the guy is just walking around the place.

Reby G. says:


isassky says:

Sooooooo tricky ): Cool to watch, thou

meahulpela says:

Very nice move! I am wondering how do you stop the lady from turning just
right after you have pulled her to switch positions? I suppose it won’t be
much trouble when dancing with ladies with experience in crossbody style
salsa, but if she’s more of a cuban style dancer then she might
misunderstand the lead? By the way, I love your vids!

Nicolás fuentes vidal says:


Zé Manel says:

Are you english or spanish ? You talk both languages very fluently and the
accent is perfect

Aleexe223 says:

I like this move 😉

Addicted2Salsa says:

@oskarvivero You’d have to modify the pattern to make it match the cuban
timing and circular motion. However, a good dancer (cuban or ny styled)
will be able to adapt her dancing to her lead. That is the follow’s first
job, to be able to follow different styles and timing.

Khary Williamson says:

thanks man..i been watching your videos alot lately and i been improving by
learning the things you talk about in your vids

jubyvera662 says:

xool, addicted 2 salsa lol..

Ramon Caesar says:

Goals for the year:
-Take my last course at TRCC
-Enroll in UPR for my next degree
-Dance like this:

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