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Janeen Vazquez says:

def not salsa dancing, just spinning and pop locking doesn’t count

Sungju Kim says:

I do like visit Dominica country

madelyn collazo says:

Thts true talent not tht bullshit tewerking crap dr trying to bring out now
this is classy.

Bosco Zambrano says:

Are they Pop Locking & Break Dancing or is this real Dominican Salsa?? 🙁

Syuni2Kiss says:

Puro acrobata casi no baile.

anthony cucho says:

Eso es cualquier cosa menos salsa… 🙂 

Juancarlos Perez says:

muy bueno !!!! pero me quede esperando el baile de salsa

sirgusta says:

sin comentarios….!!!

Reuben SalsaLatina says:

Great performance Chiquito. This IS Salsa! Salsa has different styles and
how you style it is up to you, adding other flavours is a freedom, to say
its not Salsa isn’t correct. Learn about the different styles of Salsa
before being a critic.

siomara h says:

eso no es salsa

Gilbert Sylvain says:

what a great performance; working or choreographing salsa moves into a

Chelsea Quezergue says:

This is really great and entertaining. I wouldn’t try to detract from that
fact, but I have to agree with some others that this is NOT salsa, and to
have entitled the video as such is really a shame. lol. There were
definitely elements of salsa, but I hope someone looking for salsa for the
first time doesn’t stumble across this first, because they would get a
inaccurate portrayal of the real spirit of the dance (which really doesn’t
include so much theatrics as this). But still great to watch, and these two
are obviously amazing dancers in general.

miapaola05 says:

ja ja ja ja salsa???????

Sungju Kim says:

oh wonderful ~!!
World best dencers—

Gabiisarmiento Martinez says:

esto es BAILAR salsa? ….. para NADA

cynthia ortiz says:

d a guerdo con elio eso salsa no es por favor

elio smith says:

artes marciales, ballromm que es esta baina? salsa no eh

vagelis maroudas says:

what is the name of the last song please? come si chiama la canzione

Sergey Chernobay says:

Cool and original!

Jens Jonescheit says:

und wann wird getanzt? Ist nur ne nummer aus flic flac.ohne Gefühl, eiskalt

carolineptenchick says:

name of the first song please? 

Teech says:

nice. love the combination of different styles.

Ilcervellonefg says:

Dembow + rumba + afro.. esta non è dominican salsa… 😀 es un mix

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