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Salsa dancing lesson we show you a sneaky hammerlock hand trick that you can use at the salsa dance club to keep your dance moves fresh! It is performed by d…


Addicted2Salsa says:

New remastered video move for those who haven’t seen it!

martin perez says:

Good video but it’s almost like martial arts the way you use your hands and

Rakesh Raman Sharma says:

Please let us know if I need CD of salsa dance learning at Chandigarh,

David Eicke says:

Very useful! I’ve been looking for more hand-flick combinations. Also, I
love how Anthony always says “very simple” for every move, no matter how
complex it is. :)

angel ortiz says:

jaja eso no lo logro hacer ni en sueños 

Geoffrey Graham says:

I love Salsa, and I cant wait until February when it starts up again


Felicidades por su canal Addicted2Salsa y su pagina, me encantan sus vídeos
pero solo una petición quisiera hacerles, ya que yo vivo en México es si
sus vídeos en ingles podrían agregarles subtitulos en español. (ya se que
algunos están en los 2 idiomas pero no todos) Muchísimas gracias por leer
esto y esperare mas vídeos sensacionales. Atte. David Reyes

MrG4m4 says:

ojala yo supiera bailar salsa

alxsotoa says:

Hello. You rock. :)

Paul Aragon says:

what signals can the male give the female to let them know it’s not a copa
and for them to continue the turn at 4:19

bobdark says:

Great combination! Really nice hands play added to a hammerlock move. Loved

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