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I do not own this!! I just posted for others to enjoy the beauty which is Nathalie Kelley :). Sexy lap dance from the sexy Nathalie Kelley in a school girl o…


Kaley Storms says:

i like this movie

Silversava2 says:

I love that girl, but i hate those guys they ruined a perfect scene XD

Reem H N says:

Whats the movie called?

silvinha nobre says:


Ben Raycamp says:

Just as a note… The entire clip is awesome to watch, but if you came
solely for the lap dance part, its starts at 1:25…. Enjoy!

Ben Raycamp says:

100,000+ Views! Thanks guys! Hope you all enjoyed this clip :)

Ben Raycamp says:

+Silvinha Nobre Umm.. not sure actually. But are u really more focused on
the song than the beauty of Natalie Kelley’s lap dance?

Ben Raycamp says:

+Silvinha Nobre What do you mean music?

olliejw99 says:

She’s so hot

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