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Close Jake Wood and Janette Manrara dance the Salsa to ‘Mambo No5’.


19bootsy68 says:

No wonder Max gets all the chicks.

SCDObserver says:

A former SCD pro on twitter (James Jordan, Ola’s husband) apparently
accused Jake Wood of being a trained dancer. Here’s Jake’s reply: “Just to
clarify I have never had a dance lesson in my life. Ever. Fact
#StrictlyComeDancing #HisNameIsJake “

Dez Rosswess says:

we know how good the pro dancers are, but that lift and drop at the end is
the bravest I’ve seen on that show, Kudos to Jake too on that one!

Aquilla.Van.Ellison says:

Love these guys! This dance made me think of Jim Carey in The Mask. Hope
they go far! 😀 

disarmsox says:

You see better dancers at salsa socials, couples actually dancing in time
to authentic Latin music… This is a performance loosely based on salsa
with a load of flashy stunts thrown in. 

Tony Morris says:

I mean! Week 2 and he pulls that out of the bag. Actually gave it a round
of applause live!

The Duchess of Muanenguba says:

Already my favourite, I’ve always liked James Wood. I’m so glad he can
burst some moves as well. This was sensational. I’m rooting for him all the
way. Great actor, great attitude.
What he did there would have tired a great athlete, but he maintained the
rhythm, and still had the energy to hoist up his partner. It was just
wonderful, sensational breathtaking show-stopper.

elanor oneill says:

wow jake was amazing its just those hips dat make me wanna dance too >.< 

jasminehancock50 says:

This is so good 

SuperAZAR111 says:

Max gets all the girls but looks like a twat here 

Native Deen says:

lol my guy actually did kick ups on her 

Tyra Ahmed says:

Amazing…<3 was perfect....

LTaylor_96 says:

Never watched Strictly before but the papers (and twitter) seemed to be
raving about this. Might start watching Strictly if the quality is always
this good. Well done Jake!

Jenna Lo says:

that was sooo good! im just so confused how he did the end lol.

SimpleOrigins says:

When I saw that crazy leg flipping her around thing I was like “the hell is
he doing?” But in a good way!

Drumming Spain says:

Just watched this ‘cold’ having not seen anything else of the show. I
honestly didn’t know who was the pro and who was the celeb!!

sellenb says:

Better than Ramps and that’s saying something!!! OMG AND Where were the

Charly Barly says:

Bloody amazing.

Ann TwoShoes says:

Wow! Who knew he could dance like that! Typical actor, almost shy when
he’s not performing and worried his wife will take offence if he cuddles
his partner off the dance floor! Bless.

theaviatroy says:

SYTYCD USA’S Queen of Salsa and Versatility Janette Manrara is still on

King Joffrey Lannister says:

holy shit max your good!

Toby Royson says:

hate the gay annoying crowd that clap.

Sk Ks says:

1:17 to 1:21 If I hadn’t already, this was when I fell for Janette. Mmm.

John Smith says:

10 10 10 10

Camo Bear says:


My mom loves this ! She kept watching it lol cachy

Salsa 4 Dancers: Leeds says:

Strictly is upon us once again, and it seems like there might actually be
some salsa in the salsa routines! What did you guys think of Jakes salsa

Jake Wood & Janette Manrara Salsa to ‘Mambo No5’ – Strictly Come Dancing:
2014 – BBC One

Jake Wood & Janette Manrara Salsa to ‘Mambo No5’ – Strictly Come Dancing:
2014 – BBC One

StellaLeBret says:

whoa-right on! everyone should dance like that a least once in their lives!

viceroy30 says:

WOW,that was amazing, Janette is in a different league,she is absolutely
amazing and so beautiful,strictly management have done a brilliant job
upgrading the show,well done.

Nateothegreateo says:


eclectica1 says:

If he gets to the final, I have a strong feeling that we will be seeing
this again.

But for something as good as this in WEEK TWO?!?!?!?! Amazing. And fair
play to Janette for giving him such a challenge, and for having the trust
in him to pull it off.

Julia N says:

Omg he’s amazing! 

Aso Paso says:

Omg, is that Max? LOL!

Well done. Amazing dance.

xiLiiMiiTzx says:

Wtf max!

Becky Boo Boppin says:

This was my favourite dance so far!If all men could let loose and enjoy it
(like Scott Mills) the show would before enjoyable for viewers and
contestants alike

Scot Free says:

If this were in the final they would have been giving him 10’s for sure.
I don’t often watch SCD but I’ve seen him on Eastenders in the past. I was
blown away. As soon as he came out swinging his hips so fluidly, I just
thought, “Don’t mess this up now”. Then it just seemed to get better and
better. The intensity, the timing, the choreography but most of all the fun
they both had.

Alan Noorkoiv says:

worst season ever!, ‘B’ list celebs whom are as boring as a fart, and two I
ask you TWO vacuous presenters.

sadsaalidhaalskdjhasald says:

Crazy good dancing, horrible music.

Ruth Grove says:

Well done to Janette for her insane abdominal strength in that little trick
near the end! great choreography on her part, and an excellent performance
from Jake for Week 2!!!

True Blue Girl says:

Best Dance of the night! Jake is my official favourite!! 

caroline keown says:

That deserved top marks ;-)

Linda Christie says:

I cannot get enough of that! Jake was fantastic, but Janette is simply
amazing! I was cheering and clapping on my own in front of the TV – scared
the cats!

nothinleft06 says:

DANG! i loved janette ever since sytycd, You can tell SALSA is her

borjastick says:

Truly amazing and on week two, this guy is mustard and will go a long way,
perhaps the final? Brilliant timing and rhythm and she had some balls to
trust him because if it went wrong she would have broken her neck.
Fantastic, he is already in the lead and with a group of two or three other
couples. The rest are toast.

Sapphire Sky says:

Jake is brilliant. He could practically have won with this.

Smurf Smurf says:

Jake Wood & Janette Manrara Salsa to ‘Mambo No5’ …:

#strictly #world #people #dancing #happydays

super panda says:

wow your amazing 😉 !!!

adam schofield says:

cringeworthy tv programme

Kelly Hau says:

that was a really big surprise for me 

rossiplum50 says:

Well done Jake and Janette….. just fabulous x

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