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In this tutorial: Zinia breaks down one of the most basic moves in belly dance known as the vertical figure 8. Detailed step by step breakdown of the body movement. For more free beginner belly dance tutorials beginner please visit us at Join us for live dance classes in new york



iman chandra says:

Yaa actually way better than other really very helpful.. subscribed :)

shahed yo says:

thank u ♡♡♡♡ waay better than howcast

sihinta says:

Thankyou!! It really helps to be able to see what we’re suppose to be doing
with our feet 😀

Gurpritam says:

thanks!! 🙂

jesusfreak83401 says:

I just started Belly dance and was having trouble with this move Thank you
now I think I’ve got it!!!

dangharleen says:

more pls more!

TheWonderfulEgg says:

Brilliant, really breaks it down for practice!

OnyxTwilight1 says:

I’m starting to learn and its already awesome!!!! eventually i’m going to
do a college class. la la la la!!! dance dance dane

angybrownberry says:

she has taught it well

bucky979 says:

reverse figure 8 is just a western way of doing the correct movement (NOT
this one, it doesn’t exist in the original oriental dance)

Koyel Datta says:


Sarah Dwiizie says:

Seeing the feet is sooooo important, no other tutorials ever show them.

ViaTing says:

may i know what’s the song at 2.55?


please post more tutorials this one was really good

Punk970King says:

this chick got no ass

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