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Alfonso Ribeiro and Witney Carson’s Salsa dance to “Booty” by Jennifer Lopez f Pitbull on Dancing with the Stars’ Pitbull Night!


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LeeLee8008 says:

Next week: Group dance competition and usually the top team gets to have
first choice of picking who they want on their team. I sincerely
hope Alfonso/Witney choose couples with pro males performers with female
stars. Fingers crossed for them to choose Val, Mark, Derek and/or Artem
because it will be hard to place Tommy, Antonio or Michael in a group dance
in order to reach some sort of perfection. Choose Antonio if push comes to

Karolina Jamiolkowska says:

How about The Badie Show Episode 4?

cosmlayla says:

the title is wrong. this was a salsa.

Priscilla Diaz says:

Alfonso is gonna win, helloooo he is Dominican of course he got moves!!!
lol, love him

Malia Kwaisen says:

Did they do the Samba or the salsa? And why are there two videos?

Daisy N says:

I don’t even watch this show but damn, I am hooked on his dances.

Julie Prelich says:

Her hair smacked him in the face at the end! Hahah

Kantrice Dorsey says:

Most definitely the best dance of the night! I’m glad they are both OK!

Brooklyn Lockhart says:

I liked their dance. Pit bull wasn’t rude on this one but I no longer like
pit bull. He don’t even know freaking dance

xic4loca says:

Alfonso is amazing! Great feet work and awesome swag 🙂
Witney is just perfect <3

Kr Wilson says:

Witney’s juicy shake at start!

Courtney Liz says:

They better win. If the do not win, it would be a robbery.

Sharon Mari says:

Amazingggg, their dance was so hot so is Alfonso in red suit

Elizabeth Smyrniou says:


32MexicanGirl says:

I was SOOOOO pissed off Julianne kept them from another perfect score!
Screw her! Lol. But I hope they win it all! 😀 GO ALFONSO!!!

Danielle Sears says:

This is salsa, not samba.


Baddies how plz!

Leticia Albitos says:

I think Alfonso had always too much cloth. He should only wear the shirt
without the jacket so you can see the movement of his body. I do not think
he is chubby, so why he is covering his body. He is always wearing a jacket
that covers the movements, He is a good dancer and I think his dance will
be more perfect with only his shirt on. 

AGibsonJ says:

Loved the dance, costumes, everything ….. especially Alfonso and Whitney.
Beautifully filmed too.

catwang says:

this did not deserve three 10’s. alfonso clearly dropped her at the end.
that calls for all 9’s. 

wendy allen says:

alfonso and witney are super hot together.

Kr Wilson says:

Outstanding footwork here, great sync, costumes, lighting atop cube…they
just KILL every week!

Cathie Loves says:

overscored it was samba not salsa . the dance was more of a salsa to me so

ohsnapitshanna xx says:

why I can’t watch it

falastinibabygurl says:

I hope he wins. 

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