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Tatoke kokipa says:

Thumbs up for no more tatooos…
Your so pretty dont ruin it

Esbreonforever says:

amazing athlete

malignor says:

Look at that muscle definition, strength and agility.
Fabulous body, impressive talent.
She’s earned her admiration with alot of hard work. I hope she earns enough
to retire, maybe start a school and live well.

Gordana Pavlovic says:

Лаку ноћ пријатељи…

vladimir tyagunov says:
Ramon Martinez says:

I just fell in love :3 

MrMaukka10 says:

Alotta muscle power behind that. She must be an ex gymnast? Appreciate the
act. From sports perspective only. Of course.


where’s the crowd? A girl on a pole on the beach doing all this hard shit
and random ppl in the back putting on suntan lotion!! One dude actually
just walks by and doesn’t stop LOL

InvincibleMoon says:

U r really brilliant dancer love love love it 🙂 Moon from egypt.

stlynum says:

if i were an agent, i’d hire this girl and take her to vegas

Andrea Alencar says:


Xavier Matews says:



Sokolova Anastasia – Pole Dance – Ibiza 2014:

derek flegg says:

Amazing to look at – amazing to watch.. Just wow.. Why isn’t pole dancing
part of the Olympics.. I mean really,, fucking look at it.
She should check out Blue Journey on YouTube

Geovany Solo says:

Adordei Anastasia!!! Você é linda, dança muito bem… apaixonei!!!

Alexandre POSE says:

Just Whaou !!!

lanny917 says:

you are an amazing pole dancer. 

Hatvey Trujillo says:

I loved beautiful baby girl

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