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Oldmemeet Newme says:

i need lessons I know I can dance and this right here I have to learn QUICK

Placide Abidos says:


cindy pattana says:

NOT salsa, and the woman is wearing a Booty Pop.

tommrod says:

this ain’t salsa… misleading!

Placide Abidos says:

Oh GOSH this is NOT SALSA but KIZOMBA (Origine : Angola, Africa. Come from
a the traditional dance : Semba. Unlike semba, kizomba music is
characterised by a slower and usually very romantic rhythm, sung generally
in Portuguese. The Kizomba dancing style is known to be very sensual and
flows with a music of a romantic flow.) I pick a part on Wiki :p
I’m from FWI and it’s also confused with what we call Zouk-Love but it’s
not the same thing ;)

TheLadyNebkhat says:

song name?

Dmitriy Mushta says:

Amanda, amazing!

Pat Rick says:

oh man… the girl made me melt

ame ibrahim says:


Chava Caín says:

Not even close to “salsa”… gringos… *rolling eyes*

Carla Gonçalves says:


ame ibrahim says:


Heidi Armas says:

I love Albir and Sara…. but this is not salsa. it’s Kizomba. <3 😉
Great video though

hatingtherich says:

Girl has a nice ass and KNOWS how to move it <3

Deyyumm says:

this has over a million views on facebook.. with comments like “dat ass”
from male and female genders 😉

EE01E says:

If you know this song ,tell this song for me please

Paul Bideran says:

the name of the song please

Moncef B says:

no it’s just nice :p xD

bibilushca says:

the name of the song

Daniela Lopez says:

Não me toca – anselmo ralph it’s in Portuguese

Jillian Jimenez says:

Her butt is huge

michael riss says:

Track Name : Anselmo Ralph _ Nao Me Toca

sionex81 says:

This is not salsa dude… its KIZOMBA… hehe

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