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One of the most beautiful and sexiest belly dancer Mia Shauri belly dancing with Tambourine in a very sexy and lovely belly dance video.


Nellie Ventura says:

You are such a great performer! Trully wonderful Mia!

Ucluk Aja says:

Like it

Peter Whisperwind says:

The grace, oh, the grace!

Puela Lunaris says:

Mia Sauri, You are an exceptionally talented bellydancer! So much grace and
power in your dance. Thank you for sharing this video. Blessing to you!

Marquita Criner says:

Does anyone know the name of this music please???

Amraj Singh says:

Great swing of sexy long hairs 2.57 . Excellent dancer.

Amraj Singh says:

Amazing long hair dancer ever seen. Nice long hairs.

cositaricapati says:

beautiful! bella!

rpmmer01 says:

Beautiful long hair!

Naomi Merchant says:

@belinpr Thanks for telling me! 🙂

marcela hernandez says:

never erase this video please!! it’s so awesome!!

dan cordosi says:

Nice costume, pleasent smile, beautiful hair

bellydance pr says:

@alier89 Hi: The original uploader is belinpr channel. This video has a lot
more views on that channel and many other Mia’s videos.

Outlaw IV says:

Bravo Gorgeous lady Xcellent Dance And all that hair Oooooh Reminds Me of
My First Girlfriend Rachel ..Sadly not enough belly to dance but the hair
….A Goddess…

Adina Dane says:

What is the song????

Naomi Merchant says:

This is so awsome! This needs more views!

Bellydanser1 says:

девушка просто супер, покорила. Только лифт надо ей другой (мое личное

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