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Same-sex dance partners show their undeniable dancing chemistry with a fierce salsa. Did their routine get you on your feet? » Subscribe:…


Jeremiah Bromell says:

This shouldn’t be about proving that we are all equal but about talent.
That being said they were very good but this show isn’t about activism.

rocked30 says:

They should keep this crap in gay clubs, no problems with gays
in general but this is stupid. I would feel the same way if there were two
beautiful women instead of these guys.

Sebastian Cool says:

I hate mexeco music 

Jill Sanders says:

Why are gay guys so hot???

raymond liang says:

Nothing all that impressive, keep moving along.

Keldemption says:

I don’t know if it’s a fair comparison, but John & Andrew’s dancing skills
easily surpass Sean & Luke’s.

E-Rik M-money says:

If a man/woman couple would’ve been performing they would’ve have not
gotten that far. Stupid NBC shoving their gay agenda down our throats!

Christian Bryan: performer says:

Straight man and gay man dancing together, really awesome!!!!

ehtisham ss says:

They shouldnt have worn black trousers

fabrice rugira says:

Being gay is a mentally disorder

shock trooper says:

huh gay!

Dana Mejia says:

Wat does it mean if u r straight 

Speedy Bozar says:

if they were gay, it would surely be much better to look at

Luna Vega says:

This is so heterosexual.

Ricky Cortez says:

I actually want a magicain or dancer to win agt for some reason

Isaiah Barzey says:

where is Smoothini? :(

Archer Guanco says:


cross416 says:


Cade Bunton says:

These guys probably taste good with chips

plum2u says:

I don’t take this seriously. Admittedly they each are good dancers. One is
hetero. One is gay. Together though is a bad idea. Yin yang is missing.

Jennifer C. says:

They were awesome. Lil part of me giggled n thought of the ice skating
movie with will pherell

emily williams says:

could have been better if their clothes didn’t blend in with the

MegaTop Ranks says:

It was good…

RaZe Kuraikokoro says:

If D’Angelo and Amanda lasted the Top 12, I believe John & Andrew can do
better. John & Andrew’s dancing skills are superior compared to the other
dancers (though on par with Baila Commigo).

name says:

I think other acts have a better chance going through than they do

Omar Al-Azzawi says:

They are good and original but for one million dollars prize I doubt it


i believe both are gay….

Tim Armstrong says:

Luv luv luv!

Jakeith Mosley says:

i feel asleep on that i hate them so much there boring for agt

Christian Bryan: performer says:


Lydia Gabriel says:

They should of went through! They did not deserve to go home! 

LeilaG Tali says:

I know these guys are amazing… but it was too hard to see there
footwork… black pants and shoes and then dark lighting… I don’t think
it worked well, when it comes down to emphasizing there talent.

Vivi Love Angela says:

loveeeeeeeee this it shows that there not judge mental on if hes gay n
straight i love it

Puppy Luffy says:

wow that man’s so handsome :D

Joshua Deale says:

regardless if one is gay, they are awesome dancers. kept me entertained.
they move very fast and precise. show emotion/attitude. yea they definitely
should be able to win

Arrghigiveup says:

Ok this is effing amazing. I’ve been dancing salsa for about 7 years now,
and I’ve seen some really impressive dancers, and while I dislike the
overemphasis we’ve starting to place on spinning over musicality, I have to
say Andrew’s spinning skills are unreal. Like, it’s hard enough getting
spins that fast and clean on two legs. Lifting up one leg is effing hard,
and tilting your head back harder still, and to do both without slowing
down a hell of a lot is REALLY REALLY DIFFICULT GUYS. This salsera is
definitely impressed, as is just about the whole of my salsa community.

sarah aleya says:

amazing dance smooth.should be in the finals no
dancers this year.Love from Malaysia

TeamBreezyWilliams says:


Kevin Giulini says:

First and not there best that’s what I think at least 

pedro luis nick says:

11th comment i will be number one soon!

Richard Forty says:

I liked them, plenty of energy, and being 2 guys sets them apart a bit.
Considered voting for them until some better acts came along.

Perla Ortega says:

So pissed that they didn’t make it thru.. So fked up I was rooting for them
I guess there’s still too much homophobes out there.. So sad

Nadeem Khan says:

Ok guys everyone say who they think will be the top 5

Aileen Cosio says:

Awkward =*

hotrayu2 says:


Andrea Chism says:

Nothing new, but nothing old. Liked this performance and voted. Great job
being perfect guys :)

Aillas says:

Howie Mandel literally spit in Me B’s face! She had to hold her hand up to
keep his spittle out of her face just because she found this act
disappointing. I agreed with her; these two brought nothing new to the
table, which is the standard all the other acts were judged by.

Joe Crow says:

sorry not impressed more salsa dancing, try and mix it up and not do the
same moves also bad idea to wear black

Fred Austria says:

that’s TALENT!!!!

Claire wright says:

I really liked them, but the decor was wrong color, I found it hard to see

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