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Fan Veil performance by Ekaterina Tikhomirova.


Sophie Hawkins says:

That dance deserves a big stage and fabulous lighting! Well done!

Frances Myshell says:

Fabulous dance and so many variations with fan veils. Thanks!

Saeeda Kasym says:

So beautiful, very good technique of using the fanveils. What is the name
of the music please? Thanks a lot.

somethingwiccaful says:

@1980Katya ty you are the best 😀

ANAHITA1311 says:

European Championship 2012 Poland/Ukraina …. Dancing for Gemany ;0)

alexa ga says:

segun yo se es seda

somethingwiccaful says:

whats the name of this song plzzzz tell me

lily bryant says:


TheVampiress2009 says:

Is your costume custom or is there a site for it?

AnnMarie Hammond says:

drama queen

irmar says:

Ochen harasho! You are one of the very few that DANCES with fan veils, not
just plays with them in nice poses.

Daanava says:

Very innovative! Nice variations.

mpv3922 says:

I got mine at online at silk-bamboo and bellydancedigs.

corycoro says:

me gusto porque le puso su estilo propio

ArielleRoseDances says:

Wow .Well Done !

Nastenka noites brancas says:

animado, legal!

ARHAZUM live to dane says:


Катерина Здихальська says:

Что это за музыка?

marie k says:


Севара Сафединова says:


lynnqwe says:

someone…anyone…knows the name of this song?

jesennia1000 says:

Love the costume and swift movement Very inspiring you can find more fan
veil colors if you search A’Kai silks fan veils

shinoby300 says:

como se llama esa tela??

KsanyaS says:

Подскажите, что это за музыка?

Джун says:

Sahar-Drama Queen

Yolitzin Cruz says:

just perfect!!!

viry947 says:

Awsome!!!!! Just cant get tired of seeing it!!!

mpv3922 says:

Very impressive!

LaMissFashionXXX says:

C”est magnifique O_O

LaMissFashionXXX says:


mpv3922 says:

Drama Queen by Joelle Sahar

ДиДжаф- Сахара Sahara-Caxapa says:

good job!

Alysha Mays says:

very good combination of fan and body work too many times I’ve seen dancers
using veils to mask bad body working or even using props as dancers but
this has a great balance to make a truly memorable performance.

Christina Schlegel says:

i have see happy

TheAutisticGuitarist says:

*waves* Hi, Inara.

Nadia El Sharkawy says:

Beautiful, beautiful 🙂 Bravo !! 🙂

Jazmine Ayala says:

bellydance sahar – drama queen

Bryle Nulada says:

great dance.. fascinating

LeoRafDonnyMikey says:


monacat610 says:

What’s this song??

Zilda Maria Zani says:

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