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arabic bellydance music dance ….


Greta Roelinga says:
adel elshorbagy says:
Morgaine LaFey says:


Rüveyde Cetin says:

Çok güzel tesekkurler spor yapmama büyük y ardimi oldu harka bir müzik.

sonecaist says:

Music is beyond religion, politics… Music can be the link of the world!
Stop fighting!

ivek martinez says:

Собрать бы 12 девушек и пусть танцуют по эту музыку.

Greta Roelinga says:
Сергей Старостин says:

Собрать бы 12 девушек и пусть танцуют по эту музыку.

Guadalupe Lara Yañez says:

muy buena percusion!!!


terrorist music

Jip Patru says:

It is meditating ,not terrorizing

fiorella benitez says:

Es un Malfu
Dum Tac Tac

henri batrouny says:

The one is holding his shit brain seems not to understand beautiful
music,this has nothing to do with terrorists, dah…….

TheBoricuaso777 says:

Where can I find pictures like that??

Norberto Paz says:

woooooow i loove it!!

Michael Wald says:

Belly Dance Music Arabic Darbouka

Luffy anouar says:

Crazy RytmePff 

Monir Hossan says:


liliana scherban says:


varuna babooram says:

my god…awesome !! ♫
belly dance <3

Minel Zaharia says:


AJ World Music says:
Greta Roelinga says:
Sherry Mccullough says:

*belly dancing *

FruityPearls says:


Geovanna Tineo says:


Paola Párraga says:

name of the song?

Zaphiraa09 says:

I likkkkkeee

Joe Saunders says:

Some more Belly Dance music. Great if you want something playing in the
background that gives off a certain atmosphere. Of course, if you can
actually dance to this, then by all means go for it!

I obviously, did not come equipped with that skill set!

Also, this sounds great on a sub, if you want to have people look at you in
weird and completely bewildered ways, roll up on them with this pounding
out of your ride. lol….. Enjoy!

Carolina Maldonado says:

hola alguien me puede dar el nombre de esta canción???por favor!!!

archie977 says:


Pearl Baby Pearl says:

Love this

RacingPigeon001 says:

Very good sound! Super quality. My neighbours don’t like me
anymore…Greetzzz from Holland


B+R+I+L+L+I+A+N+T !!!

TheWant2beperfect says:

search for youtube to mp3 converter online..

NawticJ says:

Totally freakin sweet!! <3 <3

jr marley says:

thank you …

kikilalroue says:

i heard it at a pep rally and stared belly dancing and got stared at like

magy cruz says:

i am mexican but i just love arabic misic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my boss
is caldian and my coworkers are palestinians ,beautiful people!!!

TheWant2beperfect says:

yeah i love the donbak sound

sopho d says:

how can i find this on google, can anybody tell me?

Ronald Sanchez says:

tinen nombre esta cancion??

jr marley says:

thank you :))

veronicaflors says:

Love it!!! Thank you for sharing

jr marley says:

thank you 🙂

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