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The best of dance instruction, fitness, modeling – video/DVD/iPad Apps: More Belly Dance Videos at…


Dazeling1 says:

your explanation is very good, but you make one big misstake, your fingers
look unnatural, you overstretch them… so the middle finger gets all the
attention!! This is in Arab culture very insulting!! it’s like giving the
middle finger in the US…

China Thompson says:

This video was very helpful :)

BeatsByBrainwave says:

amazing beatifull woman and moves…;-)

Emmogirl15 says:

what is the song?

mphuong002 says:

I found the tip bout hand undulation really really helpful, thank you!
great vid btw 😀

betty balls says:

Bellydancers move so smoothly but the models on LandofCams . com move even
better 😉

World Dance New York says:

Practice music: “Ciftetelli Taqsim 2”, theme music “Lama Bada” from
“Bellydance New York” by Amir Naoum – available at Amazon, iTunes, etc.

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