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The 28-member salsa dance troupe brings their energy, speed and poise to Radio City Music Hall. See their dance inspire the crowd! » Subscribe: » Watch America’s Got…


GrizzlyKing says:

One of the boys pants ripped at the end! Haha! 

Matt B says:

Hope they get eliminated 

JohnStripedfur says:

This is a problem for many salsa dancers on this show. Everything they show
is nothing new and it’s the same everytime. Course, I did saw a few new
moves and that’s something. But, overall. Salsa dancing is a thing that can
only be seen once and that’s it.

Lenna Msp says:


Tech Master says:

This is americas got talent not mexico’s got talent.
They dont belong there, There act is boring and annoying

slasherking101 says:

This is normal salsa dancing it’s more boring then staring at a wall

PinkDisney94 says:

Is it just me, or do they need to go home already? Their performances are
always repetitive & I just don’t find this style or type of music & dance
to be entertaining. The judges claim it’s the kids getting them through,
which is probably true, but I don’t see why. Most adults just seem to be
illogical & fall for kids when they cry or make some scene, but I don’t.
Sure they’re talented & can move well on their feet, but their routine is
getting old & people need to stop having so much sympathy for kids all the
time. Sorry to sound rude, but kids need to learn they won’t always get
their way with things. 

SERCNM Lightning says:

I’m trying really hard to like their performances but i just don’t, its
boring and sloppy tbh

Punker A says:


JupiHornet says:

This was better than last time, but it was still meh.

Violent threats says:

There going home

iPermanently says:

“Let’s cry again to get to the top 12″

Brian Lovesmba says:

They should make it into the top seven tomorrow.

Fer Alvarez says:

They are the masters of what they do, but they have to be careful to not to
make it similar every time they perform.

Ashley Muffin says:

1:29 the boy… D:

Anh Teo the Raccoon Joker says:


BeautifulMerrow says:

The little kids are absolutely adorable! Such energy and joy from this
group. I really enjoyed this…good luck!

Arlene Chen says:

Where is Beverly?

S.A .G disliker says:

Mmmmmm well i see some people are Dancing on steroids.

Richard Forty says:

They are a good group, who deserved to make it this far. But to go beyond
this stage a group has to be really special, and I think Blue Journey is
the only one that really stands out.

Azhure Pirateshare says:

thats a bummer, wahahaha ripped pants, poor boy, there is what we call show
must go on,ehhehe

Raj RS says:

Its the same every week they have to do something different -_-

Miss fabulous 123 says:

Americas got talent to be honest I love your show I hope I Can be in it one
day and I think that baila conmigo should win they are awesome mostly the
little one and I hope they win 

Nicholas R says:

No I was first lol

Amanda Peek says:

This is nothing new.

George Weilenmann says:

Vegas Worthy

Edwin Rivera says:


Horacio Cabrales says:


Kiki Reyes says:

Who ever is criticizing let’s see u do it better!

boss civil says:

“FIRST” comments r not possible anymore…
Sorry guys

Carol Brickell says:

Awh that one kids pants split

Luis Fernando says:

I see some haters here… that means you guys are doing a great show…
keep it up!!

Jennifer Balda says:


jason lozano says:

Wonderful performance every time! The coordination and choreography is
perfectly balanced. Should have won! Most adults cant dance this good never
mind Kids. Strive for excellence always!

Binduhrloser says:


reallychelsea says:

I am not a fan of Salsa Music, or dance – but truly there is no denying
these folks have fantastic speed and a ton of fun doing what they are
doing. Not sure there is enough support to make this a million dollar act
– much the same as the two other times they have been on the show. 

Dalila Varela says:

This group is extremely dedicated and have a passion for dancing…they all
did great :)

Bom R TM says:

Baila Conmigo: Salsa Dance Troupe Inspires the Crowd – America’s Got Talent

jason lozano says:

Tech master is a great example of someone who will never reach any level of

Nicholas R says:


jason lozano says:

Specially Matt B no one cares what you have to say kid. 

jason lozano says:

My little cousins are amazing athletes!!!! Very proud of they’re great
accomplishment and high level of success. To everyone who commented
negatively you have no appreciation for culture and you’ll never be
successful in life. 

Lisette Lema says:

Awwww little boys pants broke

sushigirl648 says:

I would defiantly go see this act in Vegas! However, I am worried that they
will not make it through because the talent was extraordinary tonight. Most
of the people performing tonight where better then them all though, they
are fun to watch.

Esceefort says:

Awesome but maybe AcroArmy more?

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