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Nery and Giana enjoying a beautiful salsa song after teaching class in Fort Myers, FL. They own and direct Elegant Rumba Dance Company and Shiva Latina. www….


Anthony Prevost says:

C’est fluide et élégant (sans pour autant en faire de trop). Très agréable
à voir.

skategangster says:

Here in L.A. the style is very fast and very flashy, but I’m so glad I
found your videos cuz this is the smooth style that I really luv. I’m sure
I’ll be able to pickup some of these combos – Thanks so much for posting…

skategangster says:

@100marpr, clearly it’s on one..

MrVauzy says:

2:56 Nery won 4-3 🙂

Daniela Tappata says:

wow! me hacen sentir algo…

Krystal Lockett says:

Wow I love this. Great job guys! Which I could do this

felotony says:

braavooo!!!! felicidades me gusto

Angelita2k10 says:

where do they teach class? do they teach in boynton beach fl

Magdala1212 says:


SaboryCultua says:

These two are my inspiration to take on salsa! They are simply the best —
especially when they are creating on the fly. Viva Elegant Rumba y Shiva

TheMajestueu says:

you’re welcome 😉 i’m french and for me nery is the best dancer latino in
the world. he has the style, the technic and he feel the music like nobody
else… i’d like to dance like him…

erickaname says:


tommrod says:

frankie martinez

George Chino says:

OMG!!! Talk about smooth..! Great Job guys.

Elegant Rumba Events says:

Merci beaucoup:)

TheMajestueu says:

de rien Nery 😉 you are a very nice dancer and i m a fan about you! go on
to make us dream 😉 a french

Giana2323 says:

On1 🙂

kannai3355 says:

Beautiful! You two are the best! Wish I was there again this summer!

Mahajangatourism says:

Nery I picked quite a lot of nice moves from you (the Baseball Tap), I hope
you don’t mind… But still some years of work until we look at least half
as good as you do! Sunny greetings from Mahajanga some thousand miles

Katari Inti says:

This video exhibits everything that makes Salsa the best style of dancing.
Its elegant, sexy, classy, artistic and inspiring! Gracias por inspirar a
todos nosotros que apenas estamos aprendiendo.

vldstanila says:

why would u dislike this video?? great job !

SirLooser12345 says:


Rayo Frezh says:

He Tratado – Victor Manuelle

oreyes78 says:

Exquisito! Nadie mas elegante que Nery y que rico baila Giana.

BrutusBaby12 says:

*sigh* how amazing it would be to be her 🙂 he takes my breathe away with
his dancing

Giana2323 says:

@Angelita2k10 Hello Angelita:) We teach in Fort Myers, FL with our dance
companies Elegant Rumba and Shiva Latina. We often teach workshops all over
Florida, and many students come from all over the US and the world to train
with us. Hopefully we will meet and dance together soon:) Much love, Nery
and Giana

100marpr says:

That is On2 NYC style, i saw that style since 1980 in NYC

reneraulguti says:

sorry. im tryna figure out if its on2 or on1

Mahajangatourism says:

Simply the Best!!! Those crappy 9 “thumbs down” must be either HipHop
freaks or jealous…

mrdave22 says:

i love this slow tempo salsa. so much more enjoyable to watch than mach
speed salsa. you two are beautiful dancers. thank you for sharing

TheMajestueu says:

tres beau couple… Nery est vraiment un excelent danseur, quelle classe!!

erickaname says:

D’accord avec TheMajestueu, ça fait rêver. Très belle musique, excellents
danseurs, Nery très technique, Giana très sensuelle. Ca donne envie de s’y
mettre, mais pas facile de trouver un prof 😉

SirLooser12345 says:

name of the song pls?

Alejandro Munoz says:

good match, a treat for the eyes, large and Diana Nery.

kuenlik says:


acatto1973 says:

love Nery !!!!!!!!!! GREAT GREAT STYLE !

turalnarimanov says:

Vamos vamos

reneraulguti says:

im having a hard time tryna figure out wether

Joan Roca says:

Love Nery’s dancing style, really smooth leading and elegant moves. Great

MrTresto says:

@skategangster the actual moves Nery is leading are no more than
intermediate. What isn’t intermediate at all is the beautiful execution and
connection. Dancers who can display such elegance are very rare. (a few
names that come to my mind : Milton Cobo, Shaka Brown, Frankie Martinez,
Oliver Pineda, Terry from Terry&Cecile, …)

Mark Zimmer says:

My favorite salsa dancers. Peace!

Tim Chernikoff says:

so cool… wish on1v2 wasn’t a thing!

Giana2323 says:

@Pielroja76 Thank you Alex! We appreciate your support and love:) Hopefully
I get to dance with you one day in Mexico! Much love, Giana

SuperNuela says:

oh my god, that girl is so hot!!!

Alejandro Hurtado Sanchez says:

@Giana2323, Hello Giana..! i am Alex from México, a salsa fan, i really
love to see how Nery dance with u, one of favorite couples, always i am
watching videos from Nery, love his style, a great man dancing salsa..!

Heinrich S says:

9 dislike??? WTF ………………..

great Nery(like agent 007) and brilliant Giana

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