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Ivory Coast – Dance Galore – Aesthetic Booty Dance – Mapouka Mania II.


Isadshi Koseshi says:

Beautiful!!! Americans got a hold of it……then turned it into something
sexual, filthy and ugly. Typical

senationalliv says:

I like how God decided to skip me with the big African booty gene. Lol

izreal8t4 says:

@ maxheedrum: are yu sayin dis caus yu ain’t got one?

MrSamatepo says:

If this is traditional Africa then I think they should be dancing naked,
the Westerners gave us clothes

CSwiss says:

If I was to be around cultural stuff like this. Word to God, my dick will
only get hard.

MrDakodak says:


roccobrick says:

MrSamatepo, I think that you are a f**king stupid person!

kimberlymady says:

so dancing ldis makes they booty this hude?

robert robinson says:

@PhatD100 you aint lyin lol

rosebelle2010 says:


Emma Don says:

tre tre bon

AnneThwacks says:

In African culture, sex is exciting, not evil. A man can enjoy the idea of
a woman being sexy without it being a bad thing. A woman can enjoy it being
sexy without it being a bad thing. Life can be fun without someone dragging
you down.

tata says:

Ya Drogba!

laetitia40100 says:

what is the name of this song ?

louisjd717 says:

This is the real thing that can keep most african men awake all night. lol

MrVisionofafrica says:

plenty of green vegetables before you attempt these ones.

romealm says:

you may call it what you wont but none the less it is still sexuall and i
no men get turn on when they see it if it is not sexuall why is there so
much focus on there behinds

robert robinson says:

@dabcore the drums are killing hard perfect

Afrobeauty says:

dont be silly, they gave us different types of fabrics but we had clothes
way before.

The Honey Bee says:

They’re so pretty 🙂 Beautiful smiles and nice teeth. Now I know where us
Black girls in the US, Caribbean, and South America get our great bodies

Nimba Maat says:

They are my people from the southern part of Cote d’Ivoire ( Ivory Coast).
Mapouka is a pure African traditional dance which has been practiced for
thousands of years by our beautiful African sisters wayyy before even the
“White” people put their paws on the coastal of this African region.
Mapouka is an expression of beauty,elegant, joy and exuberance of
pleasure.That’s has NOTHING to do with its pervert photocopied,not cute
version so-called “Twerk”.MAPOUKA is the best on earth.

tapcd06 says:

Niguy saff K Dance: Dr pitte

pure royal says:

You might get imitations over there but not as pristine and beautiful as
that from Africa. Africa is the provenance of this artistic form of
dancing. Very proud to be African.

Kouglizia says:


joumiet says:

cuban salsa has the same basic west-african rhythm pattern… but this is
much more inspiring to my mind. and the the typical ivorian popular music
has the same pattern more or less clearly… but this sounds more original
and creative than most of it. this swings like a moose.. as musicians say
in finland (meaning it really makes your body move), heh

lubona chiboleka says:

Nice song

romealm says:

@maxheedrum I agree

freegratuits says:

I am born and raised in Africa – proud to be African too. But I have
traveled the world and I have seen the beauty of other people’s cultures,
ESPECIALLY those who originated from Africa. Infact, some of them kept the
ORIGINAL African culture while we became Westernized. A child who has not
left home thinks his mother’s cooking is the best. Africa is great, but so
is the African diaspora and that makes Africa even greater because they
came from our continent. Stop shutting them down. UNITE!

romealm says:

@tamaduni yes they do it is still sexual lets not act like it is so pure
lets remember the americans shake there behinds too but yet folks seem to
put them down all of this is about sex any way you look at it you can see
the men getting arouse by these ladies

luv2trump says:

real sistas with real bodies that can really dance!

Steve SB says:

@romealm they shake their behinds bcoz they got em –you cant shake what
you dont have

thotsins says:

True Bionic-Butt. LOL!

123mooa says:

nubian women so powerful.

coronamonarch says:

amazing & lovely at the same time

ferrell1977 says:

truly a sight to behold, on to…..

BroadWayJoeVideoShow says:

Great Music!

makomere rumona says:

@aryess7414 balck amerikans are from afrika where on earth you will
find the history of afrika unless you meet the afrikans themselves.those in
amerika ,they are there for the devilish system wich messed the world up
and down.

lubona chiboleka says:

I love african booty dances

Oh Yeah says:


bundakissa says:

Finally!!! mapouka dancers with big asses. tired of seeing the small butt

gaoussou6 says:

Don’t think this the original mapouka

Money Maker says:

Now, THAT’S how you make a song stick to your head. You make sure to GLUE
the audience to the screen until the song is over!

Chi3mx says:

Very nice dancing! I like it. Afrca is my house

Revanxxx1 says:

AWESOME !!!!!!!!!

buttacudawey says:

@msrnw2000 …lmao…

MrDakodak says:


techbonus says:

To OP idamawatu: Is there a particular night club or general dance venue
that MANY Mapouka dancers hang out at over in the Ivory Coast? I would like
to plan an entire vacation around that very place, soon!

missachickabee1 says:

thatts cool looking….my butt would never do that.

Nerema Nerma says:

@BABScontrary Tell me about it! We, from US and the Caribbean must stop
trying to be white wit fake colored hair. Embrace our beautiful feature.

ivoirlondongial says:

@gaoussou6 i am sorry but this is the real dance thats my dad place so iam
sure of it…we dont see it as sex but dance welll…..the dont show they
pussy and they are not naked …i am proud of them and the song is naturell
the real mapouka song it remind of the first i learned to dance it in my
primary school…

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