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arab sexy girl dancing “dagni”


Marina4u1 says:

Love from USA

tarik hamidi says:

wa3ra hhh

Richard Johnson says:

Arab or no arab, she is sexy and has a nice ass

Arabouna Fey says:


SPOOKS says:

two thumbs way up

Abdul jabbar says:

nice dance

Sergey Konev says:

Интересно как на это смотрит аллах и коран?

kamranrabbane rabbane says:

i liq dis 

Thekidoftheking says:

i meant 0:55 to 0:59

LeMoNlouisa says:


MRuination says:


Malek Boukadida says:

@Arabchick21 it’s arabic music from Emirates ! “dagni-dagni-dagni”

sara bozzi says:

only becouse you are pretty it doesn’t metter that you made a redicolus
exibition!! it insn’t oriental dance… oriental dance is on another way…

22etme says:

The quaran is a crock of shit

malik beraria says:

tres sexy et belle cette dance

mandrake2008 says:

I want to lick you all over!

jUaNiTa JiMeNeZ says:

I like this hip movement

jUaNiTa JiMeNeZ says:

what is this sound??

Nelson Sandes says:

maybe the music is arabic. But the girl looks like brazilian 😛

Icedude1978 says:

great dance

dohktarvictoria says:

What’s the name of this song and the people who sing it?

M ALNuaimi says:

@Just2sexytenna if you’re hotter show us awesome clip

nasim7575 says:

you are not muslim to look at this you are just some mother fucker

Antoine Bettoni says:



she’s not represent islam she represent herself and islam is not only for
arabs islam is for all people around the world read quran

Thekidoftheking says:

what a bitch check out 55 to 59 her boobs where gunna show…

prince zeko says:

it’S omany song becuse they live in the mountan and ther arabic is so week

raz0987 says:

العب الععب وابويه واابويه

houss le fou says:

alé fermé vos guelle et faite vous plésir

BMZPM4 says:

wowwwwwwwwwwwwww this boom is sooooooooooooo sooooooooooo hot me and my
friend watching her video every singal night

Danny Kamp says:

@Feefils321 this is a muslim women

Esam Esam says:

احاااااااااااااااااااااااا خبره البنت والله فى الرقص الخليجي فديت المغرب

jUaNiTa JiMeNeZ says:

what is the song name??

Feefils321 says:

@DYRL34 dude. she doesnt have to be MUSLIM to be ARAB. she is probably arab
and listens to these kinds of music but is not muslim ORRRR she is muslim
which is why shes hiding her face cuz she doesnt want people to know its
her… either way its none of our business.

Amzun Akken says:

ahla wa ahla bint

MashToWin says:

my penis is ready for her

MAJDIBEL89 says:


amirshiny says:

Very pretty dance. Very hot body. Thanks for sharing.

rosacanina23 says:


DetroitLove4U says:

God is Great – God has shown I the true beauty in women and it shall never
be of a faith of the Middle East. God is Praise God is all things good.
Women of such faith are not conforming to God’s children. Middle East
religious inception rooted itself in pagan practices that seemingly carry
on even by today’s standards. Death before dishonor. Christain Women are
beautfiul. Catholic Women are God’s children. Divine Wisdom is of God and
his faith. Not pagans of mere cosmetic beauty.

Danny Kamp says:

this is a arab muslim women…she want in ass hmmmmmmmmm

TheBenChahid says:

muslim or not it’s lovely nice hot body !!!! hummmmmmmm

IMxYIMxY says:

i dont think so she’s Muslim…Everybody Can dance.. Stop haters looking
Bad picture of muslim

SAlut1999 says:


Azadfauji says:

amazing ass love her

MrMostafa02 says:

والله ربح حقيقي من الانترنت بدخل شهري ونظرا لأن الموقع يمنع وضع? الروابط
قمت بعمل شرح وافي وشامل للموضوع على المنتدى فقط اكتب في مؤشر بحث جوجل ”
مدونة elbasha02.blogspot” ثم أدخل على ستجدون إن شاء الله شرح شامل لكل جوانب
الموضوع والله فرصة حقيقية ودخل شهري لمن أراد العمل بجد

jsaas66 says:

This is called melaaya dancing..originally comes from OMAN..very popular in
United Arab Emirates..Its practiced indoors as its forbidden by law..IT is
Arabic tradition, but has nothing to do with Islam..!!

Hatim Abu Hugier says:

@ICMsoldier u don need to be arab if u wanna be muslim there is a laaarge
difference between arab and islam arab is a civilisation ..islam is a
religion maybe she is arab but she’s not muslim …

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