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William Jones says:

omg not tryin to be rascist but why do black girls got better control of
there body then white girls lol

dariel neftaly says:


chris junnes says:

Black girls are so much sexier than white girls 

American Nanshan says:

More black chicks being lesbian and thinking they’re the sexiest thing
alive. Let them live in their delusional world as the rest of the world
passes them by and they wonder why no quality man is going to want to marry
them or take them seriously outside of shacking up an easy sex. – Pathetic 

Brinson Askew says:

Anybody’ know girl in the reddddd name or IG? 

Mario Ortega says:

Name of this song? 

Xiomara Patterson says:

Im a lesbian kik me Mekiayaia no caps or numbers plzz

KEONA swaggin ALL day says:

Why at 1:54 she bouncin on her hella fuckin hard :”D

Lps Mika Productions says:

Dame i love lap daceing not i hate it

ana claudia Folha says:

Gostaria de saber o nome dessa musica..

Edgar Vega says:

Mmmm muy caliente mmm jejeje uuuuff

Allana Beatriz says:

Gente, que música é essa? 

Vanessa Calderon says:

What is the name of the song

Justin Tudor says:


Sarah Laleska says:

Qual o nome da musica que esta ao fundo ?

Dejuan Hilson says:

Good and…

Mitchell Stone says:

My girlfriend watched this and the next day she gave me a lap dance and
then I got laid 

Elvis Presley says:

Eu pego as duas…

Mah Fatou Diop says:

Please! Give me the name of this song please!

Cody Boggis says:

I love this vid

Bob Holmes says:

Nice ass

Vanessa Medina says:

I want to have an orgasm just by grinding. 

glenda daffin says:

She is a great dance

Berkis Espinal says:

Very nice and love how their matching

Pablo Garcia says:

Almelo ami

Jose Rivera says:

Can I get that too

Neco Elliott says:

Follow me on instagram and on kik my name is neco_swagged_elliott and nice
ass ya’ll got

milesdevlon says:


LilacLoveMe345 says:

Is the chick who is receiving a she-male or just a lesbian 

Kenny Jones says:

can i get her for my b day

Noah Shumate says:

How old are your

Adam Benahmed says:

etre sensuelle a mourir retre fou les homme jolie fille merci 

Jericho Full says:

me la cojo la forma en la que lo frota es genial ^^

Jordan Miller says:

This is crazy I need a lapdance

thu pablo soto says:

Mierda yo quiero un poquitito ahunq sea ples

Carlton Franklin says:

Is she lesbian

Gabriela Maria says:

Sexo sem piroca,pode isso? 

Alexis Williams says:

Y she scared would of grabbed it

Kaitlyn Tyler says:

Williams Johns im with you on that 

coreyborg61809 says:

She wants it she’s just tryin to deny

Emily lee says:

The girl in the blue pants is laughin don’t understand why

lorena calleros says:

Omg not cool man

big boss says:

Bounce on me like that that’s hot

Omar Majied says:


LaTishe Pinckney says:

This my i whont to have sex

jamyla crumley says:

i would love to do this 

Yamirka Alvarez says:

She knows what she’s doing ;D

Zion Braswell says:

damn ya’ll sexy do it to me lol kik me is zaggmad

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