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click here for the battles! Music “The Attack” by AjxBeats http://…


Everpopp says:

1:35 junior one of best

duke romaine says:

Break danceing to bboy

BBoyWize says:


deke coole says:


iliyas snow says:

lil zoo !!! <3

Navarre McWaine says:

Word up 1:37 mark definitely dope as fuck. Fuck everything else

Joseph R says:

wow… 2:16

shoju0099 says:

Came across this video last weekend and I’ve watched it at least twice a
day and still gets me pumped and gives me a smile ^_^ glad to see break
dancing is alive and well! Got to give it up to the “The Thinker” BBOY at
1:25 LOL deserves a place right next to Auguste Rodin’s masterpiece. Great
cinematography YAKFilms!

Hugo Mariano says:

i didnt sw,tankx 😀

Ell0menno says:

Very Dope! Does anybody know what shoes the black dude in the beginning is

Azamat Maratyli says:


Hamza Bennis says:

Amazing EDIT.

FunkyTownOwner says:

damn…I watched it 10 times and i still dont get it … 0:52

mdotcrazy42 says:

Wats the name of the instrumental to raw bro the beat go hard

jon simas says:

0:21 awesome

enjoi778 says:

2:13 I didn’t know Wayne Brady could break?

KasetwisaiZa KasetwisaiZa says:


demhana11 says:

02:00 Like a Boss/ Fuck Yea…

5thElement Breakers says:

wow i didnt even see a lot of these moves while watching the actual battle
because of the filming ….

Mayakaahla Israel says:

whats the name of this beat????

contreras7100 says:

1:25 SUNNI

AJ!zzL3D says:

why would you say that when you just said he brought new moves to his
style? he’s a basic power move bboy as simple as that dude.

Doomnikque says:

pls lord kill em all, cause they cheat physics so hard and i cant…damn
it(joke) impressive work, just amazing keep on

noah sanchez says:


Ene hunter says:

1:38 WTF?

liujinko says:


Shane Cronin says:

what were the jabbawockeez doing there??

pieschoolit says:

His name is Neguin, bro.

Cuzceb says:


Justus Tullney says:


andrás greg says:

please somebody. who is 1:37?

KzMOS says:

who is 0:15 !!!

PetioStankov says:

Best Bboy !!

Shubham pandey says:

bboy mounir

MuCollective says:

Bboy Differ

Mohammad amir says:

“The Attack” by AjxBeats

illesthondakid says:

@DanielKeithMorrison no lie, you speak the truth. Amen

luvutiff3 says:

So hArD!!!

Andrés Reyes Romero says:

bboy Junior, Vagabonds Crew, France.

Alen Lešić says:

1:35 the most sickest movement ever seen

axcess says:

nice, who is the dancer at 1:59???

luanbanzai says:

I bet Crazy Legs didn’t imagine this dance would evolve that much

Dale Turla says:

that guy in 0:42 looks like Ian Eastwood =))

AJ!zzL3D says:

and how many is that 3? please all he really does is hollow backs flares
and freezes lol. It just gets boring to me when i see the same thing

Madhat Media says:

just search for the judges showcase

Near LeFray says:

Só Lenda!

TheClupster says:

Junior and Neguin? Oh god talk about amazing!

peopleperson57 says:

0:50, Shit, match is over, thanks for coming, bye. Les Twins up next for

DanielKeithMorrison says:

Well…. Yak did a much better filming in 3 mins than red bull a whole damn

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