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The REAL action starts at the 1 minute mark!!! Not exactly your standard first dance at a wedding, this couple shocks their family and friends with some sexy…


ilovelushxo says:

That was awesome!

Aradia Fitness Mississauga says:

The BEST EVER Wedding Dance.
A couple who poles together grows old together! <3
Pole Dancing for First Dance at Wedding

Kerry P says:

Aww that’s so sweet!

Sandra Michelsen says:

Great Guys! I wish you all the hapiness in the World! It is a very
romantic Pole Dance.

Evey DiMarco says:

i love this x’D

Chi Law says:


Hailey Johnston says:

Love it ;)

Brittney Lopez says:

Aww that was sooo cute! Clearly he’s madly in love, i couldn’t see any man
being put up to this crazy routine! Very cute and funny!(:

Cassondra Stark says:

well this is different but awesome:)

CrazyKosters says:

That was awesome! Wonderfully done :)

Amber Drakes says:

Excellent choice. Sexy!

dancewithapole says:

that was SO awkward. bleh.

Maria Luiza says:

Qual o nome da segunda música ?

Kortney Bennett says:

You dance so butiful can you come visit me some time

larhonde says:

Awwww, lol. So cute!

beautifulmermaid718 says:

This is crazy

Catherine Master says:

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Amélie Neyrat says:

Pôle dance pour une 1ère danse à son mariage, original !!

John-Paul D'aquino says:
CaptivateFilmsAUS says:

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