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Close Dance Mezwed Mezoud Arabic Dance Tanz رقص Tunisie Algerie Maroc.


taisgdl says:

WTF them HIPS¡¡¡

Sun Shin says:

…. Ahmed Sliman This Dirty District G’Holo W’Sakh Is A Middle Eastern
Respiratory Tos Skatos Belly Full Of Mashed Bones And Firt Khamij Satanic
Ceremonies Temptations The Call Masses Da Ghatis Kakis Kat_Kelb (MasCot)
… Is Not A Tinidios Cosmo Ways Of Blowing The Windows By Winds Through
Gasba ….And The NoorDi Fark Where The Girls Of TUNIS Do Not Sa_AXE Sex
With Savage The Cc KK Chatte_Chiens Kat_Kelb Kingdom … KiSsss`Of
Chirrrr_KiiSssss …~ ~ ~
○ * ● /

Kazi Limon Hasan Masum says:

I like it and you.

jamila shah says:

what is her name , perfect body


Her body is amazing daaaamn 

Tom H says:


rasistefanos1 says:

She is great. Talented, and sexy.
She is Shara Kadosh.

Salim Moha says:


TheVelgaxxx says:

totally wonderful body , especially the hips and ass.

Semra subu says:

qeweng beden formasi varr

Aryan Dylan says:

She is a big sucker

احمد سليمان says:

الزززززززززززززززززززززين تونسي ولا خليني الربي بعد

Chas Chand says:

who is this dancer?

احمد سليمان says:

جيبووووووووووووووووووولي تونسية وخلووووووووووووووووووني نهبل معاها

Hamimed Hamoud says:

normal c’est la vie houssne el khatima ya rabe

احمد سليمان says:

داها للدار وشربها الوسكي والريكار الله انا نزيدلها الشوية فوتكا تهبل خير من
الكل فووووووووووووووووتكا ويلي على اافوتكا معاها

علي عثمان says:


الوتر الحساس says:

She’s Delicious !

Noureddyn Zenky says:


rasistefanos1 says:

This dancer is named Shara Kadosh. If you would like to see another sexy
dancer, with a figure made for belly dance, I recommend Bartos Eniko. You
will agree.

kamel ardjoun says:

tres jolie chanson melange avec le rai algerien est l est algerien….

Ravi Awale says:

good 1 i llike it

bechir nsaibi says:

voila le vrais folklore



Aryan Dylan says:

Fucking she is so tightxxxx

Nassim Bhatti says:


Fafa Hihi says:

ce qui regarde c des porno

TheBehemot1977 says:

Finest arabian mare i’ve seen

carlos alberto perez says:

¡Qué belleza de mujer!!. cuerpo delicioso!!.

Luminaria Stark says:

elle est trop belle :D

holis abubakar says:

Healty ziddan

ahm chana says:

mazin lgasba mazin tarma

Abdelmonam Ayari says:

bon travail

zoofak99 says:

dance et musique turc detourner en folklor tunisie c est mechant quand meme
de faire tromper les gens….

Hamza Belkhamsa says:

يا حطبة خهههههههههههههنم .

hadji cheikh says:

vraiement elle dance trés bien je tire chapeau

zoofak99 says:

mais vous etes des con ou quoi vous avez cru que cette danceuse et
tunisienne il n y a que la musique elle tunisienne melanger avec un de rai
algerien pour la danceuse elle turc et elle est entrain de dance musique
turc c est une mise en scene pour le rytme tunisien regardez bien le
balancement des hanches c est le rytme orientale et non folklore

OMID hyper says:


Medo Mood says:


lukbravo says:

magnifique lol !

ali moulay says:

Après tout,ce n’est qu’un sac plein de merde

ahmed sami cheffi says:
khalid zourolane says:
bacha elbacha says:
النسوان زينه says:
احمد صالح سعيد says:
Grigmat Zepmat says:
Laila Amrani says:

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