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Ebony on Facebook: More about Ebony: Ebony performing tribal fusion belly dance in the Ra…


Andrew Ragland says:

Jaw. Floor. Her muscular control is phenomenal. Never seen anything like
it. And to the theme from Luther… put her on the show and the ratings
would go through the roof.

Jennifer Evans says:

This woman is amazing!!! h/t +Stras Acimovic who brought this to my
attention. LOVED this and wish I could move like her! 🙂 

OrganicBeauty says:

I watched this video about 4 times in a row, Seriously….. You are devine
my sister.. Bravo Bravo

Eron Severinov says:

Dubstep Tribal Fusion Belly Dance – Ebony Qualls …:

TristaneNgoletmua says:

Holy shit! She looks like a computer simulation!

01Phunky says:

Please come to South Africa for a show or workshop?? You’re absolutely
beautiful and such an amazing dancer.

pille palle says:

i never saw a dancer mixing up tribal and dubstep in such a genious way!
your muscular control ist just amazing! i’d love to have a workshop or
class with you. where do you teach?

Libertine DeSade says:

Love this!!! I’ve always wanted to do a dubstep tribal! You nailed it!!

Alysia A says:

I love seeing you dance. Costume is prefect! Love it! I wish there were
more sista in LA belly dancing. New subscriber!!! Beautiful!

MsPunk1209 says:

I literally watch this video atleast once a day…sometimes more. I have
told anyone and everyone to come see your videos. You are so so expressive,
precise, beautiful….love watching you dance. That flutter at 2:40, is
GREAT! (all your flutters are, but I love that one, it’s so subtly placed
in the choreo”

Caro Dumanni says:

BAM!! I love it!

Megan Manley says:

fantastic fusion

Robin Finnell says:

I must say… I’ve been dancing for 12 years now, teaching for seven and I
haven’t seen a performance that impressive in a long time. Thank you for
such an inspiring performance! :)

beatnrythm says:

I love your body controll( especially the upper body) , It is so different
from what I know and see. I am a “classic” bellydancer and I did some
tribal and fusion but what you did just blew my mind…Now I just want to
dance again ! Thank you !

Renii Johnson says:


Raven Reed Starr says:

You are absolutely adorable! Love the cossie, the footwork, everything.

Jonathan Callahan says:

As always with the flawless musicality and attitude in spades. 🙂
Inspirational. ^_^

AllChicStyle says:

Omg you are a queen

Corviid R. says:

I really love your innovation / amalgamation of dance styles. Very, very
well done! (Heard of you via Mira, and will definitely be keeping an eye
out for more!)

OnyxDragon01 says:

That was truly amazing!!! Brava diva!

Laura Guerrero says:

You are so Amazing!!!!! why you dont do a Dubstep Tribal Fusion Belly Dance
with the song “monster meg & dia dubstep” will be so great!!!
greetings from Colombia 

pille palle says:

hey ebony!

Vic torious says:


Roena Bellydance says:

▶ I’ve never seen a belly dance fusion quite like this before. Very

Tatianna Dance says:

on point mama!!! this is beyond dopeness xoxox

Jaynellen Arrington says:


Ashley Thompson says:

So awesome! And you look gorgeous :)

Laura Thiel says:

fantastic fusion

Missy Rabbit says:

I have seen other dancers try to fuse the two styles. You definitely did
it. Loved it! I also love the 70’s look. Beautiful.

Saroya Poirier says:


jennifer r says:

Gorgeous! Always love this song too<3

therealnikachu says:

This is incredible! Changes the way I see tribal fusion! Just gorgeous.

MorpheaCerise says:

You never cease to mesmerize, Ebony. Been an idol of mine for a while now.

Keera Sama says:

You are a GODDESS!!! You’ve given me my belly dancing mojo back, so

Lamia Barbara says:

YOU ROCK!!!! Amazing.

Brenna Crowley says:


cherrybc says:

Divine! I have no other words. 

thisgirlcandy says:

you are fantastic! 

Ophelia Crane says:

Oh, my. I am in the shadow of greatness. <3

Lita64 says:

I love this! Such a creative way to combine belly dancing with dub step. :)

Veronica Vives says:

And the choreography is amazing!!!love it!!

Kenneth Wilbur says:

yeah eby :)

Baseema Moirae says:


Tonica Griffin says:


Chrissy Kiss says:

Dear miss Ebony – I got chills after chills after chills when watching your
video <3 You are amazing! 

Alecia Roushay says:

Feminine Power, Control, Elegance, Grace, Poise, Presence, Command
Just Fantastic

TheNerich says:

one of the best dubstep tribal fusion I’ve seen, very very good 🙂 bravo!

bigoudenblues22 says:

You are awesome!

MsPunk1209 says:

Your isolations are beautifully executed! Love everything about your

Veronica Vives says:

Hi Eby… I just want to say that I would make a Barbie doll of you on this
video,you look incredibly beautiful !!! And

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