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World cup fever hits Brazil. The number of flags in windows and bunting on the streets is growing.

This road leads to the Arena Corinthians, the stadium hosting the World Cup opener between Brazil and Croatia on Thursday.

In hours it will be packed, as football fans make their way to the match.

Excitement about the tournament is steadily building in Brazil. But many residents are uneasy about the $11 billion dollars spent on the tournament.

Last year more than one million people took to the streets of major Brazilian cities against what people said was excessive spending on the World Cup.

Demonstrations have continued this year on a smaller scale — but sometimes with violence. This protest by striking subway workers seeking higher pay was held as recently as Monday.

The Brazilian government is keen to prevent a repeat of the violence.

It’s announced that around 100,000 police officers will be patrolling the 12 host cities, along with some 57


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