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Brianna Huber says:

Felix Cane is so cool! It’s not often that I’m jealous of other women’s
figures because I’m pretty happy overall with my own, but dang, girl! Her
figure is amazing! I wish I was that toned, and she’s so insanely bendy! My
hamstrings are too tight for me to do even regular splits, much less the
hyper-extended ones she does. I used to be able to lay on my stomach and
touch the back of my head, even my forehead, with my toes, but sadly, not
anymore. But omg, I just can’t get over how many level of awesome this is.

Andrea Bastijanic-Buljat says:
linda monroe says:

this is what i do. it is hard, but u ned balance.. strengh…….

Declan1205 says:

Not bad for a man.

Lorna Middleton says:

She’s really talented but her legs keep putting me off. I can’t watch
anymore, she just looks too unhealthy.

Foxy Gentlemen’s Club says:


Abunai Akane says:

You all realize that this could be a man, right? It says so at the
beginning, his/her name is Felix. 

Cyndi Billings says:
Christina Dixon says:

I love her intro seductive and elegant

here2watch08 says:

This is just as toned as a woman can get while still being just as feminine
as without tone to me.

Erika Mann says:

Make me you! Shut up and take my money!!!

Breana J says:


Bryan Woolhouse says:

pity the cameraman wasnt much older than 10

No Apoleogies says:

This video actually led me to my first pole dance class

Scott Lamb says:

What’s up with all these comments? lol people seem pretty dominated by
their judgmental opinions. If they got up and tried to do this they’d
understand the strength and discipline necessary and the years of hard work
and maybe then they’d appreciate it a little more. In the meantime, while
they sit on their asses, they shoot out all kinds of ignorant opinions that
are worthless because they won’t take a few seconds to even imagine
anything outside of their own small experience.

Candace Thompson says:

That performance was everything!!! It was so effortless!!!

maria lolita williamson says:


HustleLady65 says:

Nope–She is good but Nicole the Pole is still the best. This women can
hold herself away from the pole horizontally and vertically. Check out her
audition video for Rihanna Pour Up.

Declan1205 says:

Sometimes I wish I was the pole.

Stevi Dunn says:

She sure is…..FELIXable

Tanya Babak says:


yuul14 says:

I have seen such movements so many times. I dont know: It’s supposed to be
sexy, but I dont see that any more, It looks just sporty, sexless, to fast,
without feeling, not individually, neither femal nor manly. She have a
talent, she worked hard.. she dances.. but I miss a sexuallity – the sense
of that all..

trippinonrainbows says:

whats the first song she dances to??!?! anyone know?

TommyCat4u says:

Unbelieveable Shape, would love to have that in my NightClub

Riccardo Mares says:

Prima ho postato un video di Julia Lipnitskaya, campionessa olimpica 2014
di pattinaggio sul ghiaccio: fa cose incredibili.
Poi per caso mi hanno segnalato questo: diciamo che lo “sport” è diverso ma
guardate cosa combina.
Se riuscite staccatevi dalla sua *sensualità* e concentratevi su quello che
fisicamente è in grado di fare lei: Felix Cane.

elana renee says:

I do Crossfit, so when I took a pole dance course I thought it was going to
be a breeze. I did better than most of the women there because of my upper
body strength, but it is HARD. The instructor was a damn body builder.
Anyone who says this is easy is out of their damn minds.

jaywizz17 says:

the fact she can’t do this with clothes on …. NO respect from me .
youtube hate here we come . goodbye c;

Abunai Akane says:


Melanie Williams says:

nice to see a dancer with short hair <3

vineet bahl says:

Wrong Sarah, she was only eight months in dancing when she won it.

amie amor says:

this is one country azz club.. never going here!!

TattooedCowboy says:


Zaildar Saab says:


MsShahazai says:

Impecable. I can only dream to be this good some day. Amazing body control
and technique.

Ron Jacobs says:

very nice

panagiwta thanasi says:

i would like to know the first song please !!

miracle says:

is this a guy or a girl cause i thought it was a guy at first and people
said girls so really idk o_o but damn he/she has some awesome talent :p

Christina T. says:

WTF!!! I really don’t know what to say lol

cheree williams says:

This was just beautiful!

Sarah Giddz says:


AllergicToMites says:

Nice!! What are the names of the songs? I’ve heard ’em before but I can’t
remember who sings them. Thanks!

The Rooster says:

Ghoot lawd!!!

Chris Marchian says:

Thank You Jennifer Love Hewitt

punkmania91 says:

She puts strippers to shame…

king12684 says:

Wow….i can’t imagine how hard that is to do. 4:15-4:22 was epic. I’m sure
most women would have busted their asses lmao

Set So says:

Slut’s excuse

Audie Murphy says:

awesome! thanks for sharing. physics defying feats. human body is

A Clark says:

that was Beautiful im not into girls but I watched the whole thing very
very good

Bru Trevis says:

What’ the name of this girl? She’s awesome, makes it look so easy…

lisalouxx says:

omg u took the word right outta ma mouth hahaha..touche!!

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