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A teacher carried out a complete contact lap dance on a student in front his classmates on a middle school. Felicia Smith, 42, was charged with having an unacceptable relationship with a student….


FTDNews says:

Question of the Day:If you were president, what is the first thing you
would do? #FTDNews #QOTD

Matt57777 says:

If I where president i would fix America.

DJwolfpack122 says:

i would legalize it in my country

Million Minds says:

Wish I could find the video itself of the woman giving the kid a lap dance.
Not thinking with my penis. No, no simply curious. Trust me.

Kai-Reece Thompson-Vaughns says:

Make America better but I’m English ):

CanadianPepsiGaming says:

Legalize Gay marrige in all states

kms539 says:

Paint a rainbow on the white house just to cause shit

KeepstayingFlawless says:

15 in middle school? 

Sofia Reyes says:

oh oh oh

Anika Canela says:

Eat a cake!

Simone Johnson says:

Spring break for two months
And have the world to our selfs with animals

bryanAU44 says:

QOTD: if you had to take one subject out of school what would it be?

Biox gaming says:

I would make a contract with the other presidents of other country’s and
make piece with the terrorists

Artificial Derp says:


daduncker says:

If I was president the first thing I’ll announce is that every body is now
my bitch. The second thing will be to ban sesame street costumes. People in
them are scary as sh!t. And the third thing will be to shutdown the NSA.

Michael Clippard says:

If I was President I’ll make gangs illegal.

Malena Diaz says:

Stop bullying and war over country!!!!!

natashatheawesomest says:

Legalize gay rights

nekila noel says:

Legalize marijuana!!! lol

Mike Cook says:

You Sir, are a penis.. That may or may not be bad…

silver love says:

ban all drugs (the only kind of drugs that are allowed is the ones you take
when you are sick or a doc gives you them)

STABB3DbyKiNg says:

Get head from Monica lewinski. 

Dilaxan Nathan says:

this is what landonproduction does.

corey rieck says:

Start a youtube chanel 

kevin xc says:

Peace treaty with the world

Elliot Parsons says:

Have school end 4 hours earlier!

TwiStedTentom says:

QOTD: I would greatly increase the amount of money we spend on space
exploration and technology development. 

valeria gonzalez says:

QOTD:if you had 3 wishes what would you wish for?

Jeff Harriny says:

Leroy can u give me a shout out my birthday is on oct 8 also and this would
be the best late gift ever because I got locked out my house on my b day it
would mean alot

Yasmin K says:

make school a place to have fun , but not to study , for every single
country in the world , and stop child abuse 

mee andyou says:

QOTD: if god gave u one wish what would u want him to give u..? 

Chris Steele says:

Legalize weed

Joey Rosario says:

If I were president i would first buy a good house second make a YouTube
channel third start prancing people

Jacob Matthew says:

10th commet yeah yeah yeah

Sierra Vieira says:

I would band smoking and make everything in stores and online free

Grant Peacock says:

Cut taxes and throw all the illegal immigrants out.

Charlotte Gutteridge says:

Get all the homeless a home

Keyon Lane says:


Ndog888 says:

I liked it when u sat and did stuff standing up is weird

blazegirl562 says:

Anime day…….yes I know its beautiful 

Gavin Quinain says:

Get rid of Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne

frazzled pots75 says:

You know teachers in Texas always getting to friendly with the kids they
never seem to learn hands off, glad I moved my kids went to school in
Aldine ISD terrible school district.

AydnDangerBoy25 says:

To be awesome oh wate I’m already awesome like you!!! 

JamaicanRudeBwoy says:

Girl gives girl hottest lap dance ever

beastya ross says:

make gay marriage legal EVERYWHERE

jesus boy says:

hey lee 🙂
how old r u and can u pls talk in ur mother tongue pls (one sentence )

Tristan Arnett says:

Attack North Korea and stop Russia intreadings

Duchesstiger says:

Get a Mac Donald’s caramel sundae.

Kalit Acosta says:

I would lower the price of every thing to 1 dollar

Tod Anderson says:

Legalize all illegal drugs, make them accessible over the counter at all
drug stores, stick a 10,000% tax rate on them so they are inaccessible to
the poor/teens. They shouldnt be squandering it on drugs anyway. Gang
activity would go down and so would illegal drug use, since itd be legal :)

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